Back to the office: pay attention to the sanitary facilities of your building

Back to the office after the corona pandemic: many companies will see their employees return to the office in the coming weeks and months. As an employer, you need to prepare for this. Your employees expect a hygienic and above all virus-free working environment.

In response to this return to the office after the corona virus, Multi Masters Group compiled the white paper ‘Trust in hygiene’. In this excerpt, we look at the influence of corona on your sanitary facilities.

Back to the office: adapted rules

“Taking care of the health of your employees remains the highest priority. Obviously, some house rules will have to be adapted. With our specialised knowledge, we are happy to help you draw up clear rules regarding hygiene and safety.

Your employees are of course aware of the most important basic rules, which are best followed after corona. Washing their hands, wearing a mask in crowded places, etc.

When preparing for your employees to come back to the office, you should also pay some extra attention to your sanitary facilities.

Your sanitary facilities during and after corona

An area that is sometimes overlooked when preparing for the coming back to the office of your employees is the sanitary facilities. The application of the (post-)corona rules requires the necessary attention there as well. For example, you can encourage social distancing in toilet areas by temporarily providing extra toilets, by limiting the number of people present in the toilet areas at the same time, by leaving sufficient space between the urinals to be used, etc.

Hand drying: preference for paper towels

Drying hands also requires extra attention. Provide paper towels to dry hands and avoid using electric hand dryers or textile towels. The latter are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses and the electric hand dryers are mass dispersers. Use liquid soap, preferably in so-called ‘no touch’ or ‘touch free’ dispensers that should not be touched with the hands.

When preparing for your employees to come back to the office, you should also pay some extra attention to your sanitary facilities.

User-dependent cleaning: sensors at the entrance of every sanitary block

Review your cleaning schedule and make the cleaning user-dependent. Sensors make it possible to measure how many people have entered the toilets and to intervene in time.

Back to the office: clean, safe and environmentally friendly sanitary facilities

Make sure that the supply of paper and soap is always sufficiently replenished. Reassure the users that the hygiene in this intimate space is always tip-top. Of course, we must not forget the environment when we switch to paper. Make sure it’s ecological and comes from a cycle or choose the ecological paper distributed by Hygi Masters.”

This text comes from the white paper ‘Trust in hygiene’ which is entirely dedicated to facilities management during and after the corona pandemic. The white paper is available in Dutch and French.

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