Cleaning Masters donates 261,000 litres of drinking water to developing countries

Multi Masters Group pursues an active policy in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Each of the group’s ten divisions strives to achieve our 12 sustainable commitments within their respective fields of expertise. This also applies to the cleaning company Cleaning Masters, that collects drinking water for a good cause.

Cleaning Masters uses a lot of water. This is unavoidable if, as a cleaning company, you want to offer quality services to your customers. However, we are well aware that elsewhere in the world, clean water is an extremely precious commodity. Thanks to our collaboration with Boma, i-team and Made Blue, we collect thousands of litres of drinking water for the people of developing countries, simply by doing what we do best – cleaning. In 2020, for example, we ensured that 261,000 litres of drinking water flowed to projects in Vietnam, Java, Senegal, Tanzania and Ethiopia. That is a considerable increase compared to a year earlier, when we collected 171 000 litres of drinking water.

Cleaning Masters Made Blue 2020

Cleaning Masters, the cleaning division of the Multi Masters Group, uses the most efficient and environmentally friendly machines in every situation. One of those machines is the i-mop of the i-team. The consumption of the i-mop cleaning machines is ‘mirrored’ by the Made Blue organisation. This means that for every litre of water our cleaning masters use with an i-mop, one litre of drinking water goes to a water project in a developing country. ‘One litre for one litre’, as Made Blue puts it so beautifully.


With the motto ‘Access to clean water for all’, Made Blue drills for water in developing countries, lays pipelines and installs water tanks and taps. But it doesn’t stop there. In areas where there is little or no access to clean drinking water, there is often little knowledge of hygiene. That’s why Made Blue’s local partners train local residents on hygiene at the start of a water project, both in terms of personal hygiene and maintenance of the tapping point. In turn, they share this knowledge further through the local schools and within their communities. In this way, Made Blue ensures that the water projects that are started up are actually sustainable.

Good causes

Made Blue is not the only charity supported by the Multi Masters Group. The litter campaigns of River Cleanup can also count on our active support. In addition, at Zoo Planckendael we have taken on the godparenthood of the dune gazelle. The dune gazelle is an endangered species linked to the springboks in our company logo. Finally, we support an agricultural project in Burkina Faso through the non-profit organisation Terre au Féminin.

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