Construct Masters’ attention for safety rewarded with new VCA P certificate

Safety is a top priority for those working in an industrial environment. Construct Masters is well aware of this. The division of the Multi Masters Group has just received its new certificate ‘VCA – Petrochemistry 2017/6.0′, the highest recognition in the field of safety.

During a two-day recertification audit, the auditor of the agency Vinçotte inspected everything. “A recertification audit involves a very thorough approach, I can now confirm that”, says Sam Decrock, prevention advisor at Multi Masters Group. “On the first day, the auditor looked at all our documents: our procedures, our policy statement, our training matrices and much more. On day 2, we visited two of Construct Masters’ largest clients. The auditor spoke to our employees. He tested their knowledge of, for example, the LMRA, checked whether all safety instruction cards had been hung correctly, whether all machines had been inspected, whether the gas cylinders had been sorted correctly. You can see it: he didn’t miss a single detail.”

No accidents at work

To the great satisfaction of managing director Philip Paelinck, Construct Masters passed this safety audit with flying colours. “Nearly 70% of our customers are active in the petrochemical industry. Then the VCA P certificate is indispensable. The fact that we have succeeded indicates that we deal well with all aspects of safety. From thorough training of our people to a thorough analysis of the data we collect. When we identify a shortcoming, no matter how small it is, we immediately link an improvement plan to it. All these efforts together have led to this new VCA P certificate.”

Construct Masters has already earned its stripes when it comes to safety. Last year, the welding and construction company received the ‘Safety Award’ from Arlanxeo. And this year it’s running smoothly as well. “Knock on wood, but we haven’t had a single workplace accident in 2020. That proves something”, concludes Philip Paelinck.

Construct Masters has been rewarded with a new VCA P safety certificate

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