Facility in healthcare: Cleaning Masters follows the example of its parent company Samsic

Facility in healthcare is far from a new world for Samsic. Our parent company Samsic Group has been active in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years. More so, it grew over the years to become one of the key players in the sector. Cleaning Masters joins the developed expertise of its parent company Samsic and performs the same services. With clients including Ghent University Hospital, Institut Jules Bordet and the hospital in Geel, Cleaning Masters has been supporting its healthcare clients for over a decade.

The service employee: an indispensable link in facility in healthcare

Private and public healthcare institutions are increasingly outsourcing non-medical services. This allows them to refocus on their core business: healthcare provision. With a €66m turnover (including €48m in France and €18m in the rest of Europe), Samsic Santé is one of the leading players in the sector. Laïla Cheurfi, the general manager who founded Samsic Santé in 2001, outlines how the company is increasingly increasingly unburdening them.

Facility in healthcare - cleaning hospital room - Cleaning Masters

“Our story started with private hospitals, where they asked us to improve the final cleaning of operating theatres. Very soon we had to take over employees working there as service staff,” Laïla Cheurfi says. “Service staff are an indispensable link in patient care and consequently for a successful hospital stay.”

Facility in healthcare: unburdening in 4 steps

1. Experience in bio-cleaning

Cleaning the reception area, patient rooms and operating theatre: the service staff ensure cleanliness down to the smallest corners. From floor to ceiling, walls, windows, plumbing, beds and bedside tables, no detail is forgotten. “For some institutions, we even disinfect the medical devices in the operating quarters. At the end of the operation, we also collect the soiled equipment.”

Facility in healthcare - cleaning operation rooms in hospital - Cleaning Masters

2. Expertise in hotel service

Samsic Santé not only provides a relief through cleaning, but is also a great help to care staff, explains Laïla Cheurfi. “We can physically welcome patients and escort them to their rooms. Moreover, the service staff also provide meals and snacks in the room and are an important point of contact for the patient for a whole day.”

3. Knowledge of waste management

In addition, Samsic Santé is also responsible for waste collection. An important issue in healthcare that requires a perfect knowledge of standards, especially with regard to healthcare waste. “We use different containers to sort waste. Moreover, we are also the intermediary with the supplier responsible for the collection, treatment and recovery of the waste. Thus, we are the link between the institution and the supplier.”

4. Connected and optimised services

Increasing a facility service provider’s involvement undoubtedly has a positive impact on operations. “By welcoming patients and installing them in their rooms, the service staff have real-time information about the flows of the institution,” Laïla Cheurfi explains.

“Moreover, the service staff’s bio-cleaning carts are connected: with a tablet, they have all the protocols, the list of tasks to be performed, the rooms to be cleared, etc. at hand. This allows us to prioritise within tasks, deploy our resources at the right time and place, assess workloads and thus increase efficiency.”

facility in healthcare - cleaning consultation room in hospital - Cleaning Masters

Extend the know-how in facility in healthcare to the pharmaceutical sector

Cleaning Masters uses the know-how and knowledge acquired in the various hospitals to assist the pharmaceutical sector and provide the necessary cleaning processes there as well. Many pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centres in our three regions call on Cleaning Masters to clean their cleanrooms and related delicate areas.

The trained and motivated Cleaning Masters staff are sometimes even authorised to give training courses to the customer’s new staff. In total partnership, they ensure that the GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice: the quality assurance system for the pharmaceutical industry) are complied with.

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