Multi Masters Group builds new hub for all its facility services in Roeselare

Facility services provider Multi Masters Group started the construction of a brand new building in Roeselare. The new building of over 800 m2 offers the company the space to realise its ambitious growth objectives.

Why a new building?

Multi Masters Group has had a regional office in West Flanders for over two decades. First in Aalter, since 1998 at the current location at Beversesteenweg 620 in Roeselare. Originally, only the cleaning company Cleaning Masters was located there. “Over the past ten years, Multi Masters Group has evolved into a ‘total facility‘ provider, with nine other specialised divisions. The lack of space became more and more acute, both for offices and for warehouse space”, says regional manager Benjamin De Reviere.

Facility services Roeselare (Belgium) - new building Multi Masters Group

Where is the new building located?

The new building from which Multi Masters Group will offer its facility services arises in the new business park Krommebeekpark in Roeselare. It is located along the R32 ring road at the northern edge of Roeselare, not far from the E403 motorway. This guarantees easy accessibility.

What will change for companies from Roeselare and the surrounding area that call on our facility services?

Since the new location is barely 1 mile from the current site, everything seems to remain pretty much the same. “Nevertheless, things are changing. We will be able to offer our customers an even better facilities service. In the new building, we will bring together all our different facility services. If you are looking for a partner for cleaning in Roeselare and the surrounding area, but also for green maintenance, technical maintenance, security services and so on, you will be able to find it all in one single location.”

What else should we know about the new building?

“The new building must obviously contribute to the realisation of our CSR policy. We will be using heat pumps and the latest techniques on sun protection. This way, heating and cooling will require much less energy,” says OPEX manager Rob Vleugels, who is following the works closely. “Another example of an environmentally conscious choice is that of special water taps that not only supply tap water but also sparkling water. In this way, we reduce the number of glass and plastic bottles. It may be a detail, but we think it’s very important.”

Facility services Roeselare (Belgium) - new building Multi Masters Group at Krommebeekpark

When will Multi Masters Group move?

“The groundwork is done. Now we are working on the metal construction and the concrete panels are being delivered. The intention is to move into our new building before the end of the year. From then on, we will be able to serve our customers in Roeselare and the broader West Flanders region even better with our complete facility services package.”

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