Techni Masters organises job day for technicians

On Saturday 26 June 2021 Techni Masters is organising a job day for technicians. “This is the ideal way to get to know our candidates personally, which we find very important. The applicants can also get to know our company”, says Technical recruiter Ilse Van de Gucht of Techni Masters.

Why a job day for technicians?

“Technical profiles such as maintenance technicians and electricians are high on the list of bottleneck professions. It is not so easy to find the right people through traditional vacancies. Especially because at Techni Masters we strongly emphasise the human aspect. We aim for a good match between employee and employer. During a personal interview with the technicians, as part of a job day, we can immediately see if there is a ‘click’ on both sides”, says Ilse.

On the 26th of June 2021, Techni Masters organises a Job day for technicians in Ghent.

What type of technicians are we looking for during the job day?

“We are looking for maintenance technicians and electricians. There are three things we look for during a personal interview. As mentioned, the personality of the technicians is very important. The candidates must agree with our company values. In addition, they must of course have technical knowledge. Finally, experience is very important. To our customers, we guarantee a quality service. Five years of experience is therefore the absolute minimum for our maintenance technicians and electricians.”

”At Techni Masters we put a very strong emphasis on the human aspect. We strive for a good match between employer and employee.”

Where and when does the job day for technicians take place?

“The job day for technicians will take place on Saturday 26 June 2021 between 13.00h and 16.00h. We have specially chosen a Saturday so that people who already have a job can also come along. The venue is the regional headquarters of Multi Masters Group in East Flanders. It is located at Traktaatweg 15 in 9000 Ghent.

Register in advance

Technicians who want to attend the job day are asked to register in advance. “We do this for two reasons. On the one hand, there are the corona measures, of course. We cannot receive too many people at once, although everyone wears a mouth mask and we provide sufficient hand gel. On the other hand, we want to guarantee all candidate technicians that we can spare enough time for them. After all, we want to get to know them well.”

Registration can be done:

  • by e-mail:
  • by phone:
    • 0479 90 18 59 (Kim)
    • 0479 90 23 74 (Ilse)

Practical info Job Day Techni Masters:

  • When: Saturday 26 June 2021 from 13.00h to 16.00h
  • Where: Traktaatweg 15 in 9000 Ghent
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