Outsourcing facility services in the logistics sector: what are the benefits?

What makes outsourcing facility services in the logistics sector so interesting? And what are the benefits of working with a professional partner for you as a customer? It ensures that you can focus on your core business. Furthermore, it adds value in various aspects, so that you are completely unburdened. But that’s not all. In this article, we provide an overview of the challenges in the logistics sector and how a facility service provider like Multi Masters Group can unburden you and your company.

Challenges in the logistics sector

The world continues to change, and so does the logistics and warehousing sector. These changes have accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and Russia, inflation, and all their consequences. Influenced by scarcity of raw materials, uncertainty about supply, and increasingly difficult forecasting, new challenges constantly arise. Consider the increasing complexity and the tremendous flexibility demanded of logistics and storage companies, the extensive digitization, the ‘war for talent,’ and the unstoppable trend towards sustainability.

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A flexible partner

The logistics and warehousing sector is subject to opposing forces. On one hand, there is a quest for standardization to increase efficiency. On the other hand, customers increasingly demand a personalized approach, requiring immense flexibility. Customers increasingly determine where and when a delivery should take place, making the supply chain much more complex.

Rise of digitalization

Furthermore, digitalization is becoming more and more prevalent. The Internet of Things, the cloud, artificial intelligence, are becoming increasingly prominent. Supply chains are digitally interconnected, forming a unified whole. This, in turn, raises questions about cybersecurity.

War for talent & robotization

Logistics and storage companies are also facing increasing difficulties in finding and retaining suitable personnel. Younger generations tend to change jobs more frequently. An important consequence of this is that robotization has evolved from a luxury to a necessity. Routine tasks are increasingly being taken over by robots. This makes the work lighter and more enjoyable for employees, reducing the risk of absenteeism.

Corporate social responsibility

Finally, there is an evolution that particularly poses problems for logistics companies: everything must be sustainable nowadays. This expectation is not only from customers but also from employees. People want to work for a company that cares about the climate. Terms like circularity, greening, responsible waste management, and sustainable growth are gaining more and more ground in the logistics sector.

How Multi Masters Group can help you

Logistics and storage companies are fully occupied with all these challenges. Facility and HR services are not necessarily their priority. However, these services can contribute to a solution for the aforementioned problems. More and more companies in the logistics and storage sector realize this and are looking for a professional partner to take care of all their facility services and HR concerns: a partner like Multi Masters Group.

“There is always a search for a solution, and it’s nice that the collaboration runs so independently. We don’t have to chase after it.”
Philippe Peeters, Facility & maintenance coordinator at Terumo EDC

Loyal employees

The search for suitable personnel gives the Logistics and Warehousing sector a lot of headaches. Moreover, it is far from easy to retain skilled employees. With its complete HR services, Multi Masters Group takes all these concerns off your hands. With our extensive experience and network, we not only find the right profiles. Through attractive training and guidance programs, we also ensure that these newcomers feel comfortable in your organization, thus increasing the likelihood that they will remain loyal to you. If desired, we also assist you in areas such as culture formation, back-to-work stories, employer branding, and social employment.

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Flexible services, anytime, anywhere

In addition to your employees, your customers also deserve a lot of attention. They increasingly demand higher standards of quality and, above all, flexibility. A facility and HR service provider that thinks along these lines and provides appropriate solutions is invaluable. At Multi Masters Group, we make it as easy as possible for you. We assign a single point of contact and a fixed backup to whom you can turn with all your questions. This SPOC coordinates all services. Through our extensive range of services, we create synergies wherever possible so that the entire package is tailored to your needs as optimally as possible. Including innovations that provide real added value. And thanks to our regional spread and local anchoring, we can assist you anywhere in Belgium and at any time. Your customers expect just-in-time delivery from you, so you can expect the same from us.

Full transparency

Of course, you also want to stay informed about our activities. That’s possible! Naturally, through personal contact with our SPOC. But also through your personal login to our digital platform Multidesk. There you will find all the information related to our collaboration: reports, work schedules, results of quality controls, meeting reports,… but also a user-friendly ticketing system. This way, we share all information in complete transparency.

“One of the biggest assets of Multi Masters Group is the fact that they work with one unique point of contact or SPOC.”
Christophe Custers, Purchase manager at H.Essers

Multi Masters Group helps you achieve your CSR goals

Finally, we are also happy to contribute to achieving your CSR goals. Corporate social responsibility and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations are the common thread throughout our entire service provision. And you benefit from that too. If we reduce our CO2 emissions, yours automatically decrease as well. If we, as a VCA-certified company, provide our people with the right safety training, safety in your company also increases. And if we use ecological products and ergonomic materials, you score well during audits. We can even join forces for a good cause such as River Cleanup. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to build a sustainable future together.

In the next article, we will discuss how Multi Masters Group can help your company concretely, based on our three service bundles.

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