Made Blue Foundation and Cleaning Masters donate 382,500 litres of drinking water to the Third World

Made Blue Foundation is one of the charities supported by Multi Masters Group. Cleaning Masters, the cleaning company of the facilities provider, has collected no less than 382,500 litres of drinking water for Made Blue Foundation projects in 2021.

Water scarcity

For many people, water is a given. Just turn on the tap and you’re done. However, it is not that easy for everyone. For as many as 785 million people – or 1 in 10 people worldwide – it is a daily task to find drinkable water.

Unicef’s report Thirsting for a Future revealed that 36 countries suffer from an extreme shortage of water. In those places, there is an increasing threat of Day Zero, the day when not a drop of drinkable water comes out of the tap.

Made Blue Foundation - drinking water for everyone


The causes of the increasing water scarcity are known: water wastage, water pollution and, of course, climate change. Sustained heat leads to dehydration in one place. Elsewhere, floods affect the availability and quality of water.

Human right

Access to drinking water has been a human right since 2010. Yet an estimated 485,000 people die every year as a result of polluted drinking water. That is more than 1,320 people a day, mostly children. These staggering figures have prompted Dutch organisation Made Blue Foundation to take action.

Made Blue Foundation - water for everyone

Projects of Made Blue Foundation

Made Blue Foundation sets up very specific projects. The organisation chooses countries with a constant water shortage and a stable, political situation. That offers the best, sustainable chances of success. Currently, Made Blue Foundation is active in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Vietnam.

Cleaning Masters supports Made Blue Foundation

The cleaning teams of Cleaning Masters support the good cause of Made Blue Foundation every day. How? Simply by doing what they do best: cleaning. For every litre of water that our Cleaning Masters use with an i-mop cleaning machine, one litre of potable water goes to a Made Blue Foundation project.

Made Blue Foundation - drinking water for everyone - certificate Cleaning Masters 2022

In this way, our employees collected no less than 382,500 litres of drinking water for projects in developing countries in 2021. An achievement that motivates our people to do their job with even more passion. Because the harder they work, the more they support charity.

Other charities

Besides Made Blue Foundation, Multi Masters Group supports other charities, including:

These are just a few examples. Would you like more information on how we put our company values into practice every day? Click on the link.

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