Made Blue Foundation: Cleaning Masters donates 318,500 liters of drinking water to developing countries

Made Blue Foundation’s motto is ‘Clean drinking water for everyone’. Made Blue is a charity that Multi Masters Group has already supported for several years. Last year too, the facility services provider once again contributed its share. Our cleaning division Cleaning Masters collected a total of 318,500 litres of drinking water for Made Blue Foundation’s projects in 2022.

Made Blue Foundation and Multi Masters Group: fighting drinking water shortage together

The numbers on the Made Blue Foundation website speak volumes. As many as 771,000,000 people still have no access to clean drinking water and an estimated 1,300 people die every day from contaminated drinking water. Made Blue Foundation invests in water projects in countries where it is needed most. And that’s where Multi Masters Group wants to help.

Multi Masters Group’s CSR policy is based on 4 pillars and 12 commitments. Some of these commitments are ‘Reducing our ecological footprint’ and ‘Taking actions to encourage solidarity’. Now, a cleaning company like Cleaning Masters consumes a lot of water. Therefore, the idea of Made Blue Foundation lies close to our hearts and we take effective action to support the charity. How do we do that? By simply doing what we do best: cleaning.

Made Blue Foundation - drinking water for everyone - Cleaning Masters

Cleaning with impact: the i-mop

Are you already familiar with the i-mop? Our cleaning masters use it every day. With this cleaning machine, they ensure clean buildings at our customers’ facilities. But that’s not all. For every liter of water our cleaning teams use with the i-mop, we donate a liter of drinking water to a project in a developing country via the Made Blue Foundation. ‘A liter for a liter’ in other words. In 2022, we collected no less than 318,500 liter of drinking water to Made Blue Foundation projects in this way. A donation that really makes an impact.

Made Blue Foundation - Certificate - Cleaning Masters

Consequences of water scarcity

Water is and remains a basic need; we cannot live without it. And this is unfortunately noticeable in areas where there is a scarcity of drinkable water. As a result, the population uses polluted water, which brings a lot of diseases, such as diarrhea, worms or cholera. In many cases, these diseases lead to mortality in developing countries. Diarrhea may sound fairly harmless to us, but in developing countries it is the number one cause of death in children under five. Besides diseases, water scarcity leads to many other problems, including negative impacts on fauna and flora, as well as poverty, mainly among women and children.

Made Blue Foundation chooses sustainability

With projects in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Nepal, Bangladesh and Vietnam, Made Blue Foundation focuses on countries with permanent water scarcity and a reasonably stable political situation. Since its start in 2014, Made Blue has already realized more than 10 billion liter of clean drinking water with more than 400 ambassadors, including Multi Masters Group.

We support these charities as well

Made Blue Foundation is not the only charity where Multi Masters Group shows its commitment. We support many other initiatives:

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