Multi Masters Group extends its sponsorship of the only dune gazelle in Europe

For two years now Multi Masters Group has been the patron of the dune gazelle in ZOO Planckendael. It was recently decided to extend that initiative.


How does a facility service provider come to take on the sponsorship of the dune gazelle? Anyone who has had a good look at the Multi Masters Group logo will have noticed the little deer. Those ‘deer’ are actually springboks. At the start of Cleaning Masters, founder Paul de Schutter let his heart for Africa speak when choosing a logo. He chose the elegance of the springbok as a sign of our company. That choice was also the deciding factor when we were looking for a title for our magazine.

Endangered species

But a springbok is not a dune gazelle. When Multi Masters Group decided to do something for the ‘deer’ in our logo, we asked ZOO Planckendael and ZOO Antwerpen. They told us that the springbok is not an endangered species.

Sponsorship of the dune gazelle

“The dune gazelle, on the other hand, is a very endangered species,” says ZOO Planckendael. “Because of the hunt for these magnificent animals, there are only a few left in the world. They are almost extinct. In our zoo we only have one dune gazelle, the only one left in Europe.” That’s why Multi Masters Group decided to fully support the dune gazelle and to take on the sponsorship.

Dune gazelle - sponsorship by Multi Masters Group - ZOO Planckendael

Best care

“The sponsorship of Multi Masters Group helps ensure that the dune gazelle can live in a nice environment. And it helps us to give him the best care. As the name suggests, the dune gazelle lives in the desert. So he likes nice warm weather. In the stables we have provided extra heating and heat lamps so that he can enjoy a temperature between 18°C and 20°C.”

“Furthermore, we invest the support of Multi Masters Group in the operation of our parks, the Antwerp Centre for Research and Conservation and all kinds of breeding and conservation programs abroad. We – and our animals – are extremely grateful to you!”

Multi Masters Group extends its sponsorship of the dune gazelle, an endangered species.

Guido the Gazelle

At Multi Masters Group we are happy to see that the dune gazelles are well taken care of. Therefore, we recently decided to extend our sponsorship.

It is important to note that the sponsorship of the dune gazelle really lives in our company. Many employees have already visited ‘our’ dune gazelle in ZOO Planckendael. He even got a name: Guido the Gazelle.

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