Multi Masters Group is sponsor of the dune gazelle at ZOO Planckendael

Good news: on Saturday, February 13, 2021, the zoos can open their doors again. So the dune gazelle, of which we are the sponsor through ZOO Planckendael, can again receive visitors.

Have you already taken a good look at our logo? Then you will undoubtedly understand why the Multi Masters Group and its ten divisions are often called ‘the company of the jumping deer’. Those deer – actually it’s springboks, but that’s another story – have been at the centre of our company logo since the start of our cleaning company Cleaning Masters in 1988.

Duingazelle - peter via ZOO Planckendael

In recent years we have been looking for a way to make our founder Paul de Schutter’s love for these elegant animals more tangible. A first step was taken two years ago. Springboks were given a central place in the logos of all the divisions of the Multi Masters Group.

Sponsor of endangered dune gazelle

The second step was taken recently. Since last summer we have taken on the sponsorship of the dune gazelle. No, not the springbok. Information from ZOO Antwerpen and ZOO Planckendael taught us that the springbok is not an endangered species. Of the dune gazelle, on the other hand, there are only around 250 left in the wild. If we are not careful, this elegant animal species will soon disappear altogether. So the dune gazelle really needs our support. And since the dune gazelle is also related to ‘the deer’, our choice was easily made. Through ZOO Planckendael, we are now the sponsor or even the ‘godparents’ of ‘our’ dune gazelle. Internally, we have called him Guido, Guido Gazelle.

Peterschapscertificaat ZOO Planckendael - sponsor

ZOO Planckendael open again

The sponsorship is close to our hearts. From the start of our sponsorship, our employees visited ZOO Planckendael. Initially in vain, because the dune gazelle was taken care of behind the scenes for a while. Afterwards, the coronavirus forced ZOO Planckendael to temporary close the doors. We are happy to be able to visit ZOO Planckendael (and ZOO Antwerpen) again from 13 February. Don’t forget to book a date and time slot in advance via the website. But to see our dune gazelle Guido, we will unfortunately have to wait a little longer. Dune gazelles like it warm, so they need a minimum outside temperature to explore their outdour area. Let spring come!

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