Nomination for Trends Gazelles 2022 puts advance of Recrewtment in the spotlight

A nomination for the Trends Gazelles 2022, for Recrewtment it is the crowning glory of a remarkable rise. The HR company belonging to Multi Masters Group has only been founded 7 years ago. Yet it has received a nomination in the category ‘Large companies’ at the Trends Gazelles 2022 of the province of Antwerp. Just like Mobility Masters, another division of Multi Masters Group.

Recrewtment: a bit of a stranger within Multi Masters Group

Recrewtment was founded in July 2015 under the wings of Multi Masters Group. “We are a bit of a stranger within Multi Masters Group. While all other divisions specialise in facilities services, we focus on the HR business,” says Andreas Pfeffer, founder and CEO of Recrewtment. “Yet the puzzle fits together wonderfully.”

Nomination Trends Gazelles 2022 province of Antwerp - Recrewtment - founder and CEO Andreas Pfeffer
Andreas Pfeffer, founder and CEO of Recrewtment.

Common mission

“Each in our sector we pursue the same mission. Multi Masters Group is a ‘full service facility provider’ or IFM partner for companies. Recrewtment is a ‘full service HR provider’. We not only help companies with filling vacancies, we also guide them in talent development, advancement, assessments and even outplacement. So both Multi Masters Group and Recrewtment are all about fully unburdening their clients.”

‘Recrewters’ feel at home at Multi Masters Group

From the beginning the other divisions of Multi Masters Group have been important clients for Recrewtment. “Almost half of our branches are in-house offices at Multi Masters Group. Our ‘Recrewters’ are at home in the group offices in Merksem, Strombeek-Bever, Brussels Airport, Zonhoven, Ghent and Charleroi. The great thing about this cooperation is that every year we grow closer together.” Multi Masters Group also works with other temporary employment partners “but the share of Recrewtment continues to grow”, says Andreas Pfeffer.

Nomination Trends Gazelles logo

Nomination for Trends Gazelles 2022: confirmation of steep rise

Recrewtment originated in 2015 as an Antwerp-based temporary employment agency. In the meantime, it can gradually call itself a national player. “We have our in-house offices. But in addition we also have our own offices in the city of Antwerp, the port of Antwerp, Mechelen, Temse, Hasselt, Leuven and Ghent. This year, we want to expand into Brussels, the Kempen region and West Flanders. And last year we realised our very first acquisition with The Future Alliance.” In addition, Recrewtment also has a social agency for artists with De Crew.

The nomination for the Trends Gazelles 2022 is the crowning glory of this remarkable growth. Recrewtment’s figures speak for themselves:

  • 8 own offices and 6 inhouse offices.
  • Turnover of €38 million in 2021.
  • +45% is the growth of Recrewtment in 2021 compared to a year earlier. Even in the disaster year of 2020 (the corona pandemic, you know) the HR company realised, as one of the few in the sector, a positive evolution.
  • 65 employees.
  • 23rd place on the list of Belgian HR companies. Recrewtment is the youngest company in the top 30 of this list.
  • 1,500 temporary workers on average have a job every day thanks to Recrewtment.

Multi Masters Group and Trends Gazelles: it is almost becoming a tradition

Not only Recrewtment, but the entire Multi Masters Group has experienced enormous growth in recent years. No less than two divisions – including Mobility Masters – received a nomination for the Trends Gazelles 2022. That is as many as in 2021. At that time, it was Mobility Masters (large companies, 8th place) and Techni Masters (medium-sized companies, 36th place). In 2019, this technical division snatched second place in the ‘small business’ category.

We are curious to see how Recrewtment and Mobility Masters fare this year. The presentation of the Trends Gazelles 2022 for the province of Antwerp will take place on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

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