New Samsic CSR report highlights our efforts for a sustainable future

Essential 21-22‘, the new CSR report from Samsic, the French parent company of Multi Masters Group, is ready. It contains not only the results of the sustainability efforts made but also an outlook on the future. And, of course, our company is included.

Essential 21-22, the new CSR report of Samsic

Central to the CSR report: ‘Samsic Planet 2030’

Samsic has rolled out an ambitious CSR plan in the 27 countries where it operates: ‘Samsic Planet 2030‘. Central to this are 8 sustainable development goals (SDG) of the United Nations:

  • Good health and well-being (SDG 3)
  • Quality education (SDG 4)
  • Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9)
  • Reduced inequalities (SDG 10)
  • Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11)
  • Climate action (SDG 13)
  • Life on land (SDG 15)

4 pillars of the CSR policy

In order to achieve these objectives, a CSR policy has been drawn up, based on 4 pillars:

  • Environment
  • Workforce
  • Supportive and sustainable society
  • Providing a responsible and innovative service

Within each of these pillars, concrete commitments have been developed that serve as a guide for our activities in the short and long term.

Responsibility and solidarity

Samsic’s CSR report opens with an editorial by Thierry Geffroy, chairman of Samsic. He stresses that good education is very important and he describes it as “the precious moment in life when we learn to be responsible”. He also emphasises solidarity. For example, Samsic supports the Ukrainian refugees, but equally, Thierry Geffroy points to solidarity with our neighbours, with our colleagues who are struggling. “Offering healthy, safe, positive and welcoming working environments” is one of Samsic’s top priorities.

From B2B to B2B2C

This not only in our own offices, but also in our customers buildings. “We are evolving from a B2B provider to a service provider that looks beyond, that is dedicated to B2B2C,” says Olivier Payen (President of Samsic Facility) further on in Samsic’s CSR report. So we pay attention not only to our customer, but also to everyone involved with our customer. “A work environment must be a source of progress, of collaboration and exchange that contribute to the company’s performance.” Stéphanie Delamarre (Samsic’s of CSR and Sustainable Development director) calls the workplace of the future a place where “social interaction, animation and creativity” come together.

New CSR report of Samsic - creating a clean and safe working environment is very important.

Partner in life

The focus is therefore on our own employees but also on our customers’ building users. In this way, we are evolving towards the role of ‘partner in life’ for both groups.

Multi Masters Group’s CSR initiatives

As the largest foreign branch of Samsic, Multi Masters Group gets the necessary attention in the CSR report. For example, our sustainable cooperation with Renewi, specialist in waste management. Or the innovative use of artificial intelligence by our HR division Recrewtment. Or our partnership with River Cleanup. You will discover all about it in ‘Essential 21-22’.

CSR report Samsic - pays attention to Multi Masters Group 's partnership with River Cleanup

The numbers: discover them in the CSR report of Samsic

Of course, Samsic’s CSR report is not just about interviews. It provides a broad overview of Samsic’s efforts to achieve its Planet 2030 objectives. In addition, it contains numerous figures about the efforts already made. The percentage of eco-products? The percentage of female employees? How many employees with disabilities? The number of training hours? The number of electric cars? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in ‘Essential 21-22’, the brand new CSR report from our French parent company Samsic.

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