For cleaning its 260 offices, temp agency Accent relies on Multi Masters Group: “Not many companies can handle an assignment of this calibre”

The cleaning of the 260 Accent offices spread throughout Belgium, some training centres and the head office in Roeselare, that is the task that the temporary employment company entrusted to Multi Masters Group a few years ago. The collaboration has grown into a durable partnership.

It is a well-known fact in the service sector. Many different branches need to be cleaned on a frequent basis. “Not many companies can handle an assignment of this calibre,” says Filip Van De Werf, Facility Advisor at Accent.

Filip Van De Werf and Accent count on Multi Masters Group for the cleaning of all their buildings all over Belgium.
Filip Van De Werf (Facility advisor at Accent)

Accent praises good cleaning follow-up

What makes Multi Masters Group – more specifically the Cleaning Masters division – succeed? Accent used to work with another partner and “at that time the coordination of the cleaning took up a lot of time with us. Thanks to the good follow-up of Cleaning Masters, this cleaning coordination now barely takes up 10% of my work package”, says Filip Van De Werf of Accent.

“At Cleaning Masters they always manage to find a replacement quickly.”

This meticulous follow-up brings other advantages. For example, in terms of continuity. “The cleaning sector is very demanding in that respect. You always have to be able to find a replacement quickly. At Cleaning Masters they always succeed.”

Multi Masters Group looks after the cleaning of the 260 offices of Accent.

Accent calls on Multi Masters Group for other facility services

Accent passes on comments or extra requests related to cleaning to Cleaning Masters through the digital Multidesk system. “That way I can always keep track of everything.”

The satisfaction with the cleaning prompted Accent to call on Multi Masters Group for other services as well. The divisions Green Masters and Hygi Masters also carried out assignments for the temporary employment agency.

Over the years Accent and Multi Masters Group have become completely attuned to each other. “That is why we want to continue this partnership as long as possible,” concludes Filip Van De Werf.

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