Trends Gazelles 2023: third nomination in a row for Mobility Masters

The nominations for the Trends Gazelles 2023 have been announced and once again Multi Masters Group is represented. For the third consecutive year, our Mobility Masters division is among them in the province of Antwerp. The Trends Gazelles is an initiative of the economic magazine Trends and rewards the fastest growing companies each year.

Trends Gazelles: nomination for Mobility Masters

Our Mobility Masters division is proud to receive another nomination for the Trends Gazelles 2023. The public transport cleaning specialist achieved an eighth place in the ‘Large companies’ category after its first nomination in 2021. In 2022, it even achieved an unexpected second place! This year it is another nomination. We are looking forward to the award ceremony of the Trends Gazelles which will take place on March 29, 2023 in Wommelgem.

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Koen Van Riet, commercial & business manager at Multi Masters Group, sees a clear explanation for the new nomination. “The reason for the third consecutive nomination for the Trends Gazelles has a lot to do with innovating and especially digitizing within the operations of Mobility Masters, mainly towards the customer.”

Commitment to the customer and employees

In addition to innovation and digitalization, Mobility Masters is also strongly committed to constructive collaborations. “We always look together with clients at where we can improve processes and we think along with the client. This way, the collaboration becomes a nice growth process for both parties.”

Mobility Masters - nomination - Trends Gazelles 2023

One final aspect Koen Van Riet would like to highlight is the MM Academy. “Of course, we cannot forget our masters either. With our MM-Academy, we put very strong emphasis on our own workforce. A lot of attention is devoted to customized training and to motivating our masters. For example, the digital app Mobietrain was recently rolled out for the mobility masters at Brussels Airport.”

Loyal partner of Thalys

Mobility Masters also ensures cleaning of Thalys trains. And the cleaning specialist does so in a flexible manner. “Mobility Masters meets one of our most important requirements: acting flexibly. Whether it is a question or a remark, Mobility Masters takes the time to listen, understands what is being said and takes immediate action,” says Marie-Ange Sicard, cleaning & contract manager at Thalys.

Market leader in Belgium

The story of Mobility Masters began in 2014 with vehicle cleaning in the public transportation sector. Today, by consciously specializing, we have become the market leader in this industry.

Nomination Trends Gazelles 2023 Mobility Masters

In addition to cleaning trains, trams and buses, our mobility masters also provide clean aircraft and graffiti removal. Not only on trains and buses, but there is often graffiti on building facades, glass panes, gates, statues and toilet doors. Mobility Masters also has the right approach to removing that graffiti.

So Mobility Masters is a jack of all trades. Curious to see where that takes us in the Trends Gazelles 2023.

Other recent Trends Gazellen nominations for divisions of Multi Masters Group

In the recent past, several divisions of Multi Masters Group have been nominated by Trends magazine. As mentioned before, Mobility Masters’ nomination for the Trends Gazelles 2023 is already the third in a row. In previous years, Techni Masters and Recrewtment were also nominated:

  • 2019: Techni Masters (2nd place ‘Small companies’)
  • 2021: Techni Masters (36th place ‘Medium-sized companies’)
  • 2022: Recrewtment (23rd place among ‘Large companies’)
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