Winter garden maintenance: don’t forget these winter tasks

The winter season is approaching, the perfect time to think about how you will maintain your garden in the cold months. Yes, garden maintenance in winter is indeed something to consider. Although it’s far less demanding than in other seasons, we strongly advise against doing nothing at all. In this article, we’ll discuss some winter tasks you should not forget during the chilly months. This will help keep your garden beautiful and healthy, even as temperatures drop significantly.

A good winter garden maintenance routine begins with pruning

Pruning is a vital winter task that helps maintain the health of your plants and enhances optimal growth in the spring. Start by removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches from trees and shrubs. This prevents the spread of diseases and pests. Make sure to use sharp and clean pruning tools to minimize damage to the plants. However, keep in mind that pruning in winter should be done during frost-free periods. If it’s freezing and you still prune, the ‘pruning wound’ may not heal properly, leading to frost damage.

tuin in de winter - snoeien - winter garden - pruning

Regularly remove fallen leaves

Leaves can accumulate on your lawn and in flower beds, hindering the growth of grass and plants. It’s important to clean up fallen leaves, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to maintain the health of your garden. Leaf litter can suffocate your grass. Don’t forget to compost the leaves; they provide valuable organic material that you can use as a natural fertilizer in the spring.

Take good care of your lawn in the winter

Mow the grass one last time before the frost sets in, but avoid mowing it too short. Longer grass blades are better equipped to handle winter conditions and frost. If you notice bare patches in your lawn, the winter is the ideal time to repair them.

jardin en hiver - winter garden maintenance

Aerating the lawn is another important winter task. This involves creating small holes in the soil to aerate it and keep the roots healthy, for example with a pitchfork. This promotes air and water circulation, which is crucial for healthy grass growth.

Protect your plants from freezing temperatures

Not all plants can withstand winter weather equally well. To give frost-sensitive plants a better chance of survival, it’s often best to bring them indoors, especially potted plants. If you have plants that can’t be brought indoors, consider protecting them with a frost cloth or similar covering.

Don’t let snow accumulate on your shrubs

After a snowfall, your garden may look charming with a pristine white blanket, but make sure the snow doesn’t weigh too heavily on your trees and shrubs. A good shake can remove most of the snow. Also, avoid walking on your lawn when there is a layer of snow or frost, as it can cause damage.

Continue weed control in the winter

Recent years have shown that winter temperatures don’t always drop below the freezing point, which is good news for weeds. It’s a smart move to remove emerging weeds, including their roots, even in winter.

Think of the birds

Winter can be a challenging period for many animals, and you may see fewer of them, but that’s no reason to forget about them. Hang therefore a birdhouse with some bird feed to provide extra support for birds during cold temperatures.

jardin en hiver pensez aux oiseaux - winter garden maintenance think of the birds

Store your garden furniture and tools

Finally, here’s a practical tip that’s often overlooked. Storing your garden furniture and tools outdoors during the winter months can lead to damage. So, be sure to put them away in a garden shed or garage in advance. Before storing your tools, clean them to prevent rust or other damage. It’s a small effort with significant results.

Contact Green Masters for well-planned garden maintenance

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter, our green masters have you covered. Green Masters contributes creative ideas to provide your green area with a well-cared look. We draw up a customised plan taking into account your needs and seasonal circumstances. As we carry out all our green care and plantation development in-house, we are able to bring our plan to a perfect conclusion.

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