Sports Company Label awarded to Multi Masters Group

The Sports Company Label has just been awarded to Multi Masters Group by Sport Vlaanderen. The Sports Company Label is the reward for companies that invest in the health of their employees by letting them play sports and exercise. Multi Masters Group is the first facility services provider to obtain the Sports Company Label.

Sports Company Label - Multi Masters Group - Sport Vlaanderen - Maarten Verbruggen - Dave Van Woensel - Koen Meeusen - Koen Van Deyk
Koen Meeusen of Sport Vlaanderen (second from right) presents the Sports Company Label to the members of the Vitality Masters working group.

One-off sports activities

An indoor football match against a friendly company, an internal volleyball competition, a go-cart race for charity, participation in the Antwerp Urban Trail, … Several one-off sports activities have already taken place within Multi Masters Group in recent years. “We noticed each time that there was some interest within the company for these kinds of events,” says Dave Van Woensel of Multi Masters Group.

Sports and exercise scan

In the middle of last year, Dave and some colleagues heard of the existence of the Sports Company Label of Sport Vlaanderen. “A first step in working structurally on the well-being and health of our employees was to carry out a Sport and exercise scan. Sport Vlaanderen provided us with the questionnaire, and we forwarded it to all the employees of Multi Masters Group.”

That poll, to which over half of the employees responded, provided Dave and his colleagues with a lot of useful information. How many people come to work by bike? Then again, why don’t others? What might motivate these people to take the bike anyway? Why would colleagues want to exercise more? When would they want to do so? What sports would they like to do? All these results were presented to the management of Multi Masters Group. The directors showed interest and encouraged Dave and his colleagues to continue working on it.

Vitality Masters

To give the sports and exercise initiatives some more resonance internally, it was decided to set up a working group with the appropriate name ‘Vitality Masters’. “Multi Masters Group has ten divisions that each have the word ‘masters’ in their name. Think Cleaning Masters, Construct Masters, Safety Masters and so on. ‘Vitality Masters’ therefore seemed to us the ideal name to work on the health and well-being of our colleagues,” says Dave.

Different target groups

In the following months, Vitality Masters organized numerous sporting and relaxing activities. “In doing so, we tried to target different audiences. On the one hand, people who really wanted to do sports. And on the other, colleagues who just wanted to exercise a bit more. So, we organized a new indoor football match and a badminton week. And a Pedometer Challenge, a Video Challenge, a darts tournament, a yoga session and an initiation to Krav Maga. Moreover, we participated with colleagues and their families in River Cleanup’s litter campaign in Antwerp.”

Sports Company Label

“While we were working on all these activities, more and more the idea of having a go at the Sport Vlaanderen Sports Company Label grew,” Dave continues. “Systematically, we were able to tick off more and more points and, with the support of our management, we were able to submit our dossier in February. With success, because recently we were able to receive the Sports Company Label.”

The Sports Company Label is not an end point

The Sports Company Label is valid for two years. “However, we are not going to rest on our laurels. With Vitality Masters, we continue to work on the health of all masters of Multi Masters Group. We recently included two additional members in our working group. And two new activities are already planned. We have declared April as ‘Table Tennis Month’ and we are also organizing a new Pedometer Challenge. And meanwhile, our meeting room has become the favorite spot of all those who love darts. You can tell, the masters have got a taste for exercise and sports,” Dave concludes.

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