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“We owe the strength of the group today to our continuous focus on quality.”

Nicolas de Schutter

From an early age, Paul de Schutter instilled a passion for the cleaning industry in his son Nicolas. “I remember helping him as a four-year old, with loading stuff onto the vehicles. Our garage was used as a storage facility for the cleaning equipment and products of his then employer. Later, as a job student, I was tasked by him to dust the dome of the Fine-Arts Museum in Antwerp. This happened in the middle of the summer, at a temperature near or above 30 degrees Celsius. Believe me, an experience like that one will surely make one feel an enormous appreciation for the work performed by cleaners.”

In 1988, Paul de Schutter founded Cleaning Masters and six years later Nicolas started to work for the company. “First at the sales department, subsequently my task package was constantly expanded.” At the company’s accession to Samsic, Nicolas became liaison person with the French group, which he remained after taking over from his father in 2004. “What he taught me? That one needs to show respect to personnel, to clients, to suppliers, in short to everybody. People like that.”

Philip Paelinck
Managing director

After some 18 years in the automotive industry, Philip was hired in 2005 to develop the industrial cleaning department further. “The main reason to accept the offer was that I wanted to return to a family business after my time in a multinational company. From the first day, I felt at home here.”

Philip had a clear vision on his mission from day one: developing the company horizontally by offering multiple activities. He assisted Cleaning Masters step by step in the growth process which turned it into the multidisciplinary player known today as the Multi Masters Group.

The current resilience of the group has been attained through an unrelenting focus on quality. “The provision of high-quality services lays the groundwork for a durable partnership. We have invested enormously in training and coaching our employees, turning them into actual ‘masters’ of their trade, proud of their accomplishments. This approach meets with much appreciation from our clients.

Our evolution

Our figures


years of experience


motivated employees


satisfied clients

244 million

euro annual turnover

Our logo

The company of the ‘jumping deer’. From the earliest days the most fantastic rumours have been circulating about the origins and meaning of our logo. What on earth is the connection between these animals and facility services?
In the eighties, when the importance of the cleaning industry began to grow, businesses always chose things like drops or mops to serve as logos. Why wouldn’t we follow the trend? “I did not want a boring bucket, I simply wanted something else”, says founder Paul de Schutter. He was inspired by his passion for the African continent. “It might also have been a giraffe, an elephant or a rhino, but I fell for the elegance of springboks. However, you are at liberty to continue calling them ‘deer’.”

Our mission

“Ensuring, through the provision of a wide range of services, that companies and organisations all over Belgium are able to concentrate fully on their mission.”

Our vision

“Developing a sustainable partnership by offering a total concept, built around a multitude of specialised, in-house facilities services.”

Our values

The Multi Masters Group permanently seeks to develop durable partnerships, based on our values


Our masters are determined to deliver exceptional quality. Having attained superlative know-how, they work with a great sense of honour. They are our greatest wealth and we are sincerely proud of them. Together, we build a durable partnership, based on professionalism and pride.


Respect needs to be earned day after day. Through deliberate choices, we treat people, the environment and climate as we would like to be treated. Our stakeholders are associated as much as possible in making the aforementioned choices. Thus we develop a durable partnership, based on mutual respect.


We are a thoughtful and loyal team with a no-nonsense approach. We deal hands-on with the work at hand and we spare no effort to accomplish our joint mission. Thus we build a durable partnership, based on our basic no-nonsense approach.


We do what we say and we say what we do. Our communication is a transparent one. We believe in the resilience of our masters and stakeholders. Thus we build a durable partnership, based on mutual trust.

Our CSR policy



supportive and sustainable society

providing a responsible and innovative service

Our family


Since 2004, Multi Masters Group has been part of the French Samsic group. This company with roots in Brittany was created in 1986 and its development has been similar to ours. What started as a family cleaning business has turned into a group providing the full range of facility and HR services.

With operations in 27 countries, a workforce of 117,000 and an annual turnover of 3.45 billion euro, Samsic is a major European player.

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Since 2015, the Multi Masters Group has expanded its’ operations into the domain of HR, with the integration of Recrewtment, one of Belgium’s fastest growing HR companies. Recrewtment has since grown into a company with 11 offices and over 800 temp workers on a daily basis.

Over and above specialized temp and recruitment work, Recrewtment offers a comprehensive range of HR services, including onboarding, HR advice, on-site recruiting,…

Recrewtment is a trailblazer in Belgium with respect to digitalisation and artificial intelligence, combined with a personal approach:

“Recrewtment, skills matter, personality matters more”

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