Our CSR policy

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a permanent fixture of contemporary society. The Multi Masters Group as well invests daily to contribute to improving the environment we live in.

Our CSR policy is based on the United Nations durable development goals. In line with our French parent company Samsic, which achieved the highest Global Compact level in 2015, we mainly focus on 8 goals.

Our actions are based on 4 pillars: personnel, the environment, social and cultural development and transparent services. With these pillars in mind, we have defined 12 commitments to develop growth involving progress for all our stakeholders.

MVO personeel


Commitment 1

Promoting diversity and equal opportunities

Jaimy, Ahmed and Dorjee are living proof of the fact that motivated people from underprivileged groups can become valuable and appreciated members of our Multi Masters family, given adequate coaching.

Commitment 2

Training and developing our talents

Upon completion of their training at our own MM-Academy, we are very proud to call  our employees ‘masters’.

De veiligheid en gezondheid van onze medewerkers is een belangrijk aandachtspunt in ons MVO-beleid - Multi Masters Group

Commitment 3

Protecting health and safety of our staff

By means of frequent safety tours and workplace inspections, we watch over the safety of our ‘masters’. Off work, we invite them to all sorts of sports activities.

Commitment 4

Developing cohesion and well-being at work (motivation)

During the corona crisis, we surprised our 4,000 employees with a box full of goodies. Our masters very much appreciated this gesture.

Mvo Milieu


Commitment 5

Developing the use of environmentally friendly products and processes

Since our switch to probiotics, the use of harmful descalers has been reduced by 23 percent.

Commitment 6

Managing our energy consumption and recycling our waste

In addition to our CNG company cars, our masters have a congestion-free, environment-friendly alternative: the electric company bike.

MVO engagement

Commitment 7

Reducing our carbon footprint

The I-mop uses less water than similar cleaning machines. For every litre saved in this way, we donate a litre of drinking water to a project in a developing country, through the Made Blue Foundation.

MVO Sociale culturele ontwikkeling

Supportive and sustainable society

Commitment 8

Taking action for solidarity

As a partner of the River Cleanup organisation, the Multi Masters Group holds an annual litter collection action. Employees and people from the neighbourhood take part with pleasure.

Commitment 9

Contributing to local economic and cultural development

The Multi Masters Group have become sponsors of the dune gazelle, a species threatened with extinction. Together with the Zoo of Antwerp and Planckendael, we strive to offer a beautiful future to these elegant animals.

MVO Innovatieve transparante dienstverlening


Commitment 10

Ensuring client focus

A personal conversation is obviously the best way to discover your wishes and needs. However, in the meantime, the Qwesteo system offers a good solution to collect very precious information in a few seconds.

Commitment 11

Assessing our performance with transparency

Through our online communication and follow-up tool Multidesk, you will immediately receive a status report on the quality and progress of our work.

Commitment 12

Building a sustainable partnership with our value chain

In the reception hall of the Multi Masters Group you will read and feel the values running as a red thread throughout all our operations.

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