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“Your employees work very comfortably, as our maintenance masters maintain and manage your building with due diligence.”

Masters of their trade, with a difference

Inventory and audit

Having physically toured your facility, our maintenance masters take a full inventory of all installations found in your building. On the basis of their findings, they draw up an agreement matching reality. The above-mentioned documents can provide guidance to resolve any non-conformities with respect to all legal requirements or to review your insurance policies.

At the next stage, we write an audit report in line with the NEN 2767 standard. This will give you a clear summary of the targeted measures needed to restore your installations to an acceptable condition and to generate or maintain desired functionalities. Based on the list of priorities, you will have no difficulty in drawing up a
multi-annual budget plan.

Management tool

We organise the management and the maintenance of your technical equipment by means of an online tool providing round-the-clock access to your full file.

The management tool moreover offers access to your inventory, audit reports and certificates. Not only are these documents easily searchable, but their availability in this format means that no precious information will be lost. Even after the end of the agreement, you will retain ownership of your data.

> Maintaining technical installations
> Manage technical installations


Certified personnel


(Certification agency
Normec BTV Audit)


Regional employment

Onderhoud van technische installaties - Maintenance Masters

Maintaining technical installations

Properly working installations ensure process continuity and building durability. Frequent and preventive maintenance of your HVAC installations and electrical facilities will limit corrective maintenance.

Beheer van technische installatie - Maintenance Masters

Manage technical installations

Based on legal provisions and audit reports, our maintenance masters draw up a maintenance plan to manage your processes and installations. They regularly perform objective inspections to ensure the quality of their work and to protect the safety of your technical equipment.

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