Facilities sector trends for 2022 (part 2): the CO2 meter as an exponent of the increasing focus on indoor climate

The CO2 meter: in an overview of the trends for 2022 in facilities sector, it cannot be missing. This is a logical consequence of the increased attention to the indoor climate.

Evolution in facilities services

Under the influence of the corona pandemic, there is a shift within facilities services. Until eighteen months ago, the emphasis in cleaning offices and schools lay on removing dust and all kinds of stains (e.g. coffee stains).

Attention to the indoor climate was non-existent or very limited. Everyone was satisfied with a pleasant temperature.

Corona provides a new focus

The corona outbreak caused a shift in focus in the facilities sector. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, office users and students not only expect a clean workplace or classroom. Above all, they want it to be safe and virus-free. This required a new approach to cleaning. This has been put into practice since the start of the corona pandemic.

In terms of the indoor climate, this new focus has only recently been introduced. We have known for a long time that we should open the windows and doors wide. But we had to wait longer for scientifically substantiated measures.

The increased attention for the indoor climate and the role of the CO2 meter cannot be missed in an overview of the trends 2022 in facilities services.

The rise of the CO2 meter

Scientists have been warning for some time that the corona virus spreads through the air rather than through contaminated surfaces. They describe the CO2 meter as a good indicator of the quality of indoor air.

The importance of the CO2 meter can be compared to the role of the canary in the coal mines. If the canary fell off its perch, the miners knew they had to get away. Thus, the canaries saved the lives of many miners.

Like the canary, the CO2 meter is not the solution to the problem. It does indicate that there is a problem with the indoor climate. And that there is therefore an increased risk of infection.

The CO2 meter becomes one of the trends for 2022 in facilities services

It is this insight that led to the mandatory use of CO2 meters in pubs, restaurants and fitness centres in early June 2021. But it was only in mid-November that the CO2 meter became a real gadget. At that time, the Consultation Committee advised to install a CO2 meter in “all rooms of schools and companies where many people come together”.

Many schools and companies are currently introducing this device. They will continue to do so in the first months of 2022. It is important to make the right choice.

Once the indoor climate has been mapped with the help of the CO2 meter, a well thought-out ventilation plan can be started. This is still lacking in many – mainly older – buildings in our country. And surely it cannot be the intention to leave our windows and doors open forever during work and lessons, is it?

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