Why choose professional carpet cleaning? Our cleaning masters highlight the key benefits

Carpet cleaning, it is a cleaning task that is sometimes overlooked. But even when they look clean, carpets can hold a lot more dirt than you might think. Having your carpet cleaned by professionals offers numerous benefits. Cleaning Masters’ specialists sum them up for you and they add an extra tip to reduce the frequency of carpet cleaning.

The filter of your buildings

In many companies, carpets only get attention after a little accident. For example, coffee has spilled on them. But even without you being able to see it with the naked eye, a lot of dirt, sand and dust may have got into the mat. After all, a lot of people walk on it every day. A carpet is therefore sometimes called the ‘filter’ of your buildings. And like any filter, it Is important with carpets that you clean them or have them cleaned properly and on time.

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Frequent vacuuming is a good start for proper carpet maintenance in your building.

Carpet cleaning: key benefits summarized

A clean carpet not only looks appealing, proper maintenance extends its lifespan and your employees and visitors also benefit. Why? Cleaning your carpet properly and with the right frequency, you will improve the air quality in your buildings. But that is by no means all. Our cleaning masters outline the primary advantages of regular carpet cleaning.

Allergen removal

Carpets can be breeding grounds for various dirt and allergens, including the smallest, like dust mites and pollen. So thorough carpet cleaning is especially beneficial for employees with allergies.

Microorganism elimination

Microscopic bacteria may also hide in your carpets. Professional cleaning kills these germs, preventing their further spread.

Improved air quality

In addition to allergens and microorganisms, carpets accumulate dust, sand, and other dirt. Regular vacuuming can remove most particles, making the indoor air in your buildings cleaner and healthier.

Increased productivity

A clean environment inspires employees to work more productively. They not only feel better in the office but also benefit from improved air quality.

Clean appearance

A clean carpet, free of stains or dark spots, provides a better, more hygienic impression to (potential) clients entering your building.

Extended carpet lifespan

Regular carpet cleaning reduces the need for premature replacement of your carpets, offering a sustainable approach.

Mold prevention

On rainy or wintery days, carpets, especially at the entrance to your buildings, can get wet. Ensuring proper carpet cleaning will remove excess moisture, promotes faster drying, and prevents mould formation.

Carpet cleaning: how often?

The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on the carpet’s location. Is it in a high-traffic area? At the entrance of a building where even more dirt from outside can be tracked in? In such cases, more frequent cleaning is necessary. For example, if your carpet is in meeting room not frequented very often, less frequent cleaning is required. Cleaning Masters will be happy to advise you on the best frequency for cleaning the carpets in your buildings.

Positive impact of biological cleaning agents

And our cleaning specialists can also advise you on the overall approach to cleaning in your buildings. Because that also has a strong influence on carpet cleaning. If you use organic cleaning agents for the general cleaning of the room and, more specifically, the carpets, this will also have a positive impact on the frequency of carpet cleaning. If a layer of good bacteria is applied after carpet cleaning, e.g. with the help of probiotics, this protective layer will make the carpet soiled less and less quickly. The preventive effect of the probiotics will thus reduce the need for thorough carpet cleaning.

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(onderschrift) Besides vacuuming, periodic specialised cleaning of your carpets is an absolute must.

Why engage a professional partner?

Managing your business, your focus should be on its core activities. A professional cleaning partner like Cleaning Masters takes care of your cleaning concerns. So you have a partner who cleans your premises, but who you can also turn to for specific questions. Not just about carpet cleaning but also about choosing the right mats and their ideal placement.

Our cleaners receive customised training and know the various techniques for professional carpet cleaning (e.g. Bonnet method, injection extraction method, powder cleaning,…). In addition, with a professional partner, you can be sure that the right products and equipment will be used to you’re your carpets and floor in excellent condition.

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