Gunther Robeets (Sligro Food Group Belgium) is pleased with the cleaning and green care services provided by Cleaning Masters and Green Masters

“Multi Masters Group offers
continuity and structure”

Gunther Robeets (Sligro Food Group Belgium) is very happy with the facility services by Multi Masters Group.

Gunther Robeets
(facilities coordinator at Sligro Food Group Belgium)

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Sligro Food Group Belgium is a top player of the Belgian food service market. This company with an experience spanning more than 95 years offers a wide range of products for all industrial and mass catering facilities. Since 2016, Sligro Food Group Belgium has been operating from Rotselaar. On this site, Cleaning Masters cleans the offices and their colleagues from Green Masters handle green care and parking lot maintenance.

Gunther Robeets, facilities coordinator, tells us about the first contact in 2019. “The Multi Masters Group took the initiative to contact Sligro Food Group Belgium. At the time we were looking for an external cleaning partner, as the expansion of our site in Rotselaar was in full swing and the contract with the previous cleaning company was about to expire.” What did they especially require from a new partner? “Quality and knowhow. We had an extensive list of requirements. Compared to other cleaning companies, the Multi Masters Group was a clear winner in meeting our expectations.”

Cleaning Masters - office cleaning at Sligro Food Group Belgium

Sligro Food Group: “This is the right choice”

Gunther refers to the detailed work schedule proposed by Cleaning Masters. “Contrary to other companies, Cleaning Masters had drawn up a procedure per room and even per type of materials. This gave us immediately the feeling that this was the right choice.” Sligro Food Group Belgium simultaneously awarded the contract to Cleaning Masters and Green Masters. As one of the buildings stands at the edge of a wood, the site requires regular pruning and maintenance. “Our contact Alexandra made us aware of the services provided by Green Masters. Nowadays they take care of our parking lot, the hedges and other plantations.”

Close contact

Since the beginning, Gunther has a weekly contact with the Cleaning Masters team leader for a general evaluation of work performance. “She’s on top of it: I couldn’t say it better than that. She always knows what’s going on and where and when adjustments need to be made. When some urgent matter arises, I can always reach her directly on her cell phone. Within 24 hours, a solution or a response is provided to any situation.”

When you bring in a facility service provider, you frankly want to deal with such matters as little as possible. The Multi Masters Group understands this very well.”

Unburden as much as possible

Gunther emphasises the continuity and structure offered by the Multi Masters Group. “The modus operandi of the previous service provider always felt arbitrary.” The difference is attributable, according to him, to Cleaning Masters’ open communication and hands on mindset. “That’s what we were specifically looking for. When you bring in a facility service provider, you frankly want to deal with such matters as little as possible. The Multi Masters Group understands this very well: they clearly make a lot of extra efforts to unburden the client as much as possible.”

Together against corona

The cooperation between the Multi Masters Group and Sligro Food Group Belgium started in the middle of the corona year 2020. The stringent hygiene measures also had an impact on the regular cleaning schedule. “Thrice a day, every day, we had all our doorknobs, railings and light switches cleaned and disinfected. The first time by our own maintenance team, the second time by Cleaning Masters and the third time by our night shift.”

Sligro Food Group Belgium counts on Multi Masters Group for green maintenance and cleaning.

“We immediately felt:
this is the right choice.”

Multi Masters Group takes care of cleaning and green maintenance at Sligro Food Group Belgium in Rotselaar.

Sligro Food Group Belgium appreciates flexibility

The extra support provided by Cleaning Masters lifts one burden off the shoulders of Sligro Food Group Belgium. “Because of their flexibility, we are able to preserve, to a certain extent, operational continuity for our employees.” 

Price-quality ratio

Is there further cooperation in the pipeline between the Multi Masters Group and Sligro Food Group Belgium? “We are very pleased with the price and quality ratio provided by Green Masters and Cleaning Masters. If new developments give rise to new requirements in future, the Multi Masters Group will surely feature, once again, on our list”, concludes Gunther.

About Sligro Food Group Belgium

  • Belongs to the top 3 businesses on the Belgian food service market
  • With more than 95 years’ experience
  • Established in Rotselaar
  • Cooperates with Green Masters for parking maintenance and green care
  • Cooperates with Cleaning Masters for office cleaning

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