5 cleaning tips for sanitary areas: what should you definitely not forget?

Anyone thinking of cleaning sanitary areas quickly thinks of toilets, washbasins or simply the floors. So, obvious cleaning jobs. But there are also less obvious ones. These are often overlooked, although that certainly does not make them any less important. In this article, we will discuss the ‘hidden’ cleaning jobs that you might not have thought of and should definitely not forget.

1. Make sure the sanitary area is clean and free of limescale

Dirt that you cannot easily see in sanitary areas is still dirt. Think of taps or showerheads, for example. Over time, they can develop limescale deposits. This can obstruct a smooth and fluent water flow and also gives a lacklustre appearance. Do you still have limescale? If so, use a descaling agent or a mixture of hot water and vinegar to remove it. Cleaning the taps or shower heads with it regularly, along with regular cleaning of your washrooms, prevents new limescale and keeps your taps and sprinklers healthy, which in turn is positive for their lifespan.

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2. Disinfect contact points

If there is anything corona has taught us, it is that bacteria can stick anywhere, but realy anywhere. Especially on contact points, such as light switches, door handles, but also the flush buttons of your toilets. They are often touched but not cleaned enough. So make a habit of regularly cleaning these surfaces, especially in sanitary areas, with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs.

3. Give your sanitary areas a hygienic look with clean dispensers

What is pretty much always present in sanitary areas? Soap dispensers, hand dryers or toilet paper holders. All contact points that can get very dirty, but where the dirt is less visible. You would be surprised how many bacteria remain in these places. By simply cleaning these items during your regular cleaning sessions, you ensure that your sanitary area users leave the room really clean and hygienic. Sanitary dispensers also require regular maintenance. So it is best to check these facilities regularly for blockages, leaks and refills. Make sure they work properly and that there are sufficient supplies to avoid inconvenience for users.

By the way, did you know that Hygi Masters takes a sustainable and innovative approach to sanitary hygiene in your buildings? We provide recyclable dispensers with eco-friendly paper, reducing our carbon footprint. And dispenser stock management? We take care of that too.

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4. Also look up when you’re cleaning your sanitary areas

You walk into a sanitary area and you immediately notice the toilets and washbasins. But do you also sometimes look up? That’s where some hidden cleaning jobs lurk. Air vents and ventilation openings are often sources full of dirt and dust, but are often overlooked. All you need to clean them? A damp cloth, a duster or a hoover to clean the grilles. Win-win, because the air quality in your washrooms also benefits immediately.

5. Maintain your waste bins frequently

Also present in every sanitary area: waste bins. An absolute must, of course. But waste bins are also breeding grounds for bacteria and can spread an unpleasant odour over time if they are not cleaned regularly. So make sure your waste bins are emptied frequently, but definitely do not forget to clean them on time with warm water and soap, both the inside and the outside. Afterwards, use a disinfectant to remove any bacteria.

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