A mask for each master

A mask for each master

The gradual phasing out of the corona measures has been underway for about three weeks now. So far everything is going according to plan. The number of infections and deaths has not risen alarmingly and the occupation in the hospitals remains manageable.

This is undoubtedly partly due to disinfections and the good follow-up of the two most important covid-19 measures:

  • frequently washing your hands.
  • keep a physical distance of 1.5 meters from people with whom you do not live together.

These remain valid, but there is a third, additional measure that has gained in importance since the start of the dismantling: wearing a face mask. A lot of people have gone back to work, the visiting measures have been made more flexible, in short there are many more people coming into contact with each other.

To be clear: you wear a mouth mask in the first place to protect the others and your environment. But if the others also wear a mouth mask, you are of course also protected. So the principle when using a mouth mask is simple: ‘I protect you, you protect me’.  

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in certain situations. For example, when you take the train, metro, tram or bus, or when you go to places where it is impossible to stay one and a half meters from the other people present, such as in a shop or during certain activities.  

Health and safety

Some employees of the Multi Masters Group are confronted with such situations. Many use public transport to get to and from their workplace, others work in a hospital or in an environment where it is difficult to keep the necessary distance. Given the long delays in delivery by some authorities and the fact that not everyone is equally handy with needle and thread, we as a company have decided to take the necessary steps. In order to protect the safety and health of all our employees, we have donated a reusable, fabric mouth mask to all our masters. In other words, ‘a mask for each master’. In this way, together with all our employees, we actively contribute to defeating the coronavirus.

For questions about the use of the mouth mask and other corona measures, please visit the website www.info-coronavirus.be

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