Back to the office after the corona pandemic: a new way of cleaning

Back to the office after the corona pandemic: many companies will see their employees return to the office in the coming weeks and months. As an employer, you need to prepare for this. Your employees expect a hygienic and above all virus-free working environment.

In response to this return to the office after the corona virus, Multi Masters Group compiled the white paper ‘Trust in hygiene’. In this excerpt we look at the influence of corona on a new way of cleaning.

Back to the office after corona: need for hygiene and safety

“Following the corona crisis, a new need has emerged in recent months, namely a need for thorough hygiene and safety. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that traditional cleaning must give way to a new approach. This new vision reduces the risk of spreading viruses and increases productivity in the workplace. Cleaning is an investment and an essential part of good management.

Many people will go back to the office soon after the corona pandemic. That asks for a new way of cleaning because employees want a clean and virus-free working environment.

The corona virus has had an enormous impact on our working lives. In a short time, it has become clear that we are very vulnerable as people and as a society. How do we ensure that everyone understands the importance of hygiene and safety and continues to do so? How can we restore confidence among employees? And how do we ensure that the work environment is as safe as home? These are the questions Multi Masters Group wants to answer.

Cleaning with good bacteria

Twenty years ago, cleaning was mainly focused on cleaning and descaling by means of acids and descaling agents. These chemical products affected the surfaces and caused irreversible damage. Over the years, traditional cleaning products made way for environmentally friendly variants.

Today, thanks to revolutionary methods, we can tackle bad bacteria during cleaning. What’s more, with probiotic cleaning products, we pay attention to good bacteria. These probiotic products create a protective film layer that repels the bad bacteria for a number of weeks.

It goes without saying that Multi Masters Group always chooses the right products and acts according to the applicable guidelines.

Companies will soon see workers come back to the office after the corona pandemic. So, a new way of cleaning is necessary, because the personnel wants not only a clean working environment, but also one that is virsu-free.

Back to the office after corona: disinfection

During the corona crisis we became aware that there is a new need. A need for disinfecting cleaning products that are good for the environment and for people, but which also tackle viruses in addition to bacteria. The demand for these disinfectant cleaning services will continue, because it now appears that viruses such as COVID-19 will be part of our lives for a long time to come.

Finally, it is also important that we adapt traditional cleaning methods. By also reviewing our working methods, we can draw the necessary attention to some critical issues.”

This text is from the white paper ‘Trust in hygiene’ which is entirely dedicated to facility management during and after the coronapandemic. The white paper is available in Dutch and French.

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