Cleaning in schools: why educational institutions should call on a professional partner

Cleaning in schools is a time-consuming task. Not to mention the other facility services such as technical maintenance, green maintenance, pest control, security … It requires good organisation and follow-up. A professional facility partner takes the full picture and makes sure everything runs smoothly. And that has its advantages for your school. We are happy to list them for you.

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Cleaning in schools: a professional partner takes it all in hand

With the ever-increasing demands on schools, school boards need to ensure that their facilities are well maintained and efficiently managed. Thus, the to-do lists for cleaning and maintenance teams in a school environment quickly get well filled. Especially in the more aged infrastructures. A facility partner takes on the complete coordination of facility management and knows perfectly what to do, how to do it and how much time, for example, technical maintenance and cleaning in schools takes.


Coordinating cleaning, monitoring repairs, drawing up work schedules, carrying out quality checks, etc. Facilities maintenance in a school not only requires a flexible attitude, but also the necessary expertise. And a facility partner like Multi Masters Group has that. We have the required knowledge throughout the entire facilities circle. From environmentally aware cleaning to customised greenery maintenance and the necessary safety requirements of technical installations.

A facility partner increases safety

A school environment should not only be an inspiring environment, but also safety is an absolute must. For students, but certainly also for staff and visitors. A well-maintained building is the basis for this. A facility partner helps you preventively identify and reduce potential safety risks. Faulty technical installations, structural problems and even fire risks are then a thing of the past.

Give your school a green image

Give your school a progressive image? A facility service provider like Multi Masters Group is your ideal for that too. Cleaning in schools with eco-friendly cleaning products, energy-efficient lighting, waste management, water saving, … All things that will not only help your school reduce its environmental impact but will also reflect positively on your energy bill.

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Cleaning in schools by professionals: your students and staff benefit as well

A school environment and its facilities play a vital role in creating an environment where students and staff can perform at their best. A poor-quality school building can actually hinder students and teachers from studying and teaching. Well-maintained buildings, on the other hand, create a pleasant environment and can lead to increased attendance, greater concentration, motivation and self-confidence. In other words, factors that can significantly boost school performance.

Engaging a facility partner helps schools create a clean, safe and comfortable environment for everyone who visits the school. Think about regular cleaning and maintenance tasks for a start, as well as green space maintenance and security.

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