Cleaning in the agro-food industry: 4 good reasons to outsource

In the agro-food industry cleaning services are an integrated part of product manufacturing processes. Whether manufacturers are making a drink, biscuit or a prepared meal, tools and production zone cleanliness must conform to strict regulations. Outsourcing these tasks to a cleaning professional has many advantages.

Technicality and managed risks

By calling on a cleaning services company, agro-food industrials can focus on the heart of their business activity, i.e., manufacturing their products. Cleaning services companies have in-depth experience of the tasks needed to avoid health risks, such as the presence of harmful or even dangerous bacteria for consumers (salmonella, listeria, Escherichia coli, etc.). They are experts in the techniques which enable all surface dirt and pathogenic micro-organisms to be eliminated and they follow guidelines and procedures depending on the area needing to be cleaned (areas in contact with food, or production plants). They know when to apply a wet (when water and detergents or disinfectants are used at a certain temperature) or dry process (no water is used, dirt is removed manually).

Cleaning in the agro-food industry - why should you outsource? - Multi Masters Group presents you 4 good reasons.

Available and trained workforce for cleaning in the agro-food industry

Agro-food industry cleaning operations need to be carried out by qualified staff who apply the right techniques. Cleaning services companies oversee the recruitment and training of employees who then provide daily services for the customer. HR departments no longer have to deal with difficult recruitment programmes for these specific positions!

Comprehensive services

In signing a subcontractor cleaning contract, agro-food industrials are provided with a comprehensive service which means they save time and reduce costs. And because the service provider oversees cleaning equipment and product procurement at a reduced price, this is beneficial to customers. The service provider also manages non-conformities and complaints, thus removing extra cost and stress for the company.

Cleaning in the agro-food industry - why outsourcing? - Multi Masters Group gives you 4 good reasons.

Important for cleaning in agro-food industry: compliance with the latest standards

Because agro-food industry standards and regulations are constantly changing, cleaning professionals monitor current cleaning practices so that they apply the right process in the right place at the right time for customers. They are aware of the latest innovations in terms of products and ergonomic improvement of work areas. The service provider allows agro-food industries to prove that they are Codex Alimentarius compliant: a collection of food industry standards and guidelines for food safety, consumer and employee protection, and environmental protection.
In a nutshell, calling on an AFI cleaning specialist means no more stress and hassle!

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