Cleaning in the healthcare industry: 5 points of attention when choosing the right partner

Cleaning is important, cleaning in the healthcare industry even more so. Whether it is a hospital or a residential care centre, the medical sector requires a specific and specialised approach. Health and cleanliness are the most important factors in any healthcare institution, so engaging a professional cleaning company is of the utmost importance. We present you five things to consider when choosing a cleaning partner.

1. Cleaning methods and training

Your healthcare facility is where people come to get better, not where they get even sicker. With a professional cleaning partner that offers experience and know-how in the sector, you minimise the risk of illness.

Cleaning is crucial in the healthcare industry; That's why it is so important to choose the right cleaning partner. We present you 5 points of attention.

The right techniques for disinfection, cleaning and removing all germs from the premises, means to prevent cross-contamination and infections, … The company you hire must be familiar with the right knowledge, techniques and innovations. Infection control is one of the most important procedures in cleaning a healthcare institution. It is therefore crucial that all cleaners know how to prevent the transmission of germs.

2. Budget

Care institutions often have to deal with tight budgets. It is therefore important to find a cleaning partner who knows how to get the most out of your budget. That way, your healthcare facility meets all hygiene standards and you can continue to offer the best care to your patients.

Cleaning in the healthcare industry - Cleaning Masters.

3. Corporate values

Healthcare organisations all share a common value: humanity. It is very important that your cleaning partner treats both staff and patients in a respectful and warm manner. In this way, they integrate themselves into your care facility without making the patients or visitors feel uncomfortable. Cleaning companies with experience in the care sector therefore offer an additional advantage.

4. Flexibility is crucial in healthcare cleaning

The cleaning partner you choose should be able to perform all tasks when you need them. Healthcare facilities are busy places and the staff also often work according to irregular schedules. Your cleaning partner should therefore be flexible enough to take this into account, so that you and your staff do not lose important time.

Cleaning in the healthcare industry is very important. Choosing the right cleaning partner is also crucial. We present you 5 points of attention.

5. Communication

Regardless of the sector, good, smooth communication is always a real must in the cooperation with a cleaning partner. Frequent communication from both sides is essential to ensure that expectations are met and any problems are resolved quickly. A good cleaning partner offers the customer a good follow-up of the cleaning and is accessible.

Cleaning Masters offers the right solution for healthcare cleaning

With many years of experience in various hospitals and residential care centres you can fully rely on Cleaning Masters. Our cleaners know the ins and outs of the healthcare sector and know what to do in an environment where the patient is always central. With Multidesk we also offer a platform where all communication and follow-up is structured and orderly. Are you curious as to how we really take charge of the cleaning of your healthcare facility? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to work out a tailor-made proposal without any obligations.

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