Eco-score: see how Cleaning Masters and supplier Boma are contributing to a greener world

Searching for the best cleaning products and materials also means searching for the most sustainable ones. But what are the most sustainable products and materials? And how do you find them? Because the choice can often be overwhelming, Boma, supplier of Cleaning Masters, introduced the Eco-score. Our cleaning teams choose A or A+ rated products whenever possible. That way, we help create a greener environment.

Eco-score - Cleaning Masters - Probio - A+

What is the Eco-score?

The Eco-score plays a crucial role in the selection of products and materials. It is a rating system created by Boma, supplier for Cleaning Masters, applied to its product range. But what exactly does this Eco-Score entail?

“The Boma Eco-score is our proprietary scoring system that rewards products with certifications, made from recycled materials, and designed for the circular economy. Conversely, hazardous, burdensome, or disposable products are penalized. A product labelled A+ is the best available, while E-rated products should be avoided.”

Boma Eco-score

How is the Eco-score assigned?

Boma’s scoring system is based on recognized methodological guidelines that analyse the product’s life cycle, taking into account its impact on the environment and the health of cleaners. Certifications, recycled materials, and circular products receive positive recognition, while hazardous and disposable products face penalties.

The Eco-score determination considers 7 parameters:

  • CO₂ emissions
  • Environmental impact
  • Water consumption
  • Waste
  • Health
  • Respect
  • Safety

Products scoring well on these parameters receive a high score, categorized as ‘best in class’ (A+, A, or B). Products with a neutral score are labelled as C. Hazardous, unhealthy, or environmentally burdensome products are marked as ‘to be avoided’ (D and E).

Cleaning Masters firmly chooses Eco-score A+ or A

To bring clarity to an array of sustainable products with various certifications and labels, BOMA developed the Eco-score. This scoring system offers transparency and insight into the impact of their products and materials. The Probio products from Greenspeed, used by our cleaning masters, score A+, and for all our other products and materials, we unequivocally opt for an Eco-score of A+ or A.

Planting trees

In this way, together with our supplier and our customers, we contribute to a greener world, because for every €1,000 worth of products and materials rated A or A+, Boma plants a tree in collaboration with GO Forest. So if you engage Cleaning Masters as your cleaning partner, you are not only bringing in a sustainable partner, but you are also contributing to a greener, sustainable world.

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