Family atmosphere at work: “It creates a very close bond”

Family atmosphere at work? A strong father-daughter bond? Marc and his daughter Laura both work at Multi Masters Group. Since late 2022, Laura has been part of Multi Masters Group’s IT team, where her father has been a fixture for years. “It is a real added value that he can guide me,” says Laura.

Marc and his daughter Laura talk about the family atmosphere at Multi Masters Group.

When asked by the chairman himself

When did Multi Masters Group come your way?

Marc: That will have been sometime in 2005, I think. So, I have been working here for a while. How I got to know the company? Through Erik, he also works here in the IT department. I knew him from before and he introduced me to Multi Masters Group at the time. That’s how the ball got rolling. First it was still in an external position, but for about eight years I have been working here permanently.

Marc: It was even chairman Nicolas de Schutter himself who asked me personally eight years ago if I wouldn’t like to join Multi Masters Group on a permanent basis. And now the same thing just happened to Laura. Multi Masters Group let it be known earlier that there would be interest when Laura completed her IT training.

That must have been a nice feeling.

Laura: Right! When Nicolas sent me his proposal, I immediately agreed.

“Is this really true?!”

Marc: We even joked about it at home. “You really could start here, you know”, I said to Laura. And now look. When Multi Masters Group came up with the proposal, I had to rub my eyes twice. “Is this really true?!”

When exactly did you start?

Laura: October 2022. Also in the IT department, just like my father. It was thanks to a project during my studies that I convinced the management. I transformed an existing web application into a mobile application, and they were really impressed by that.

“Even though the company has grown enormously, there is still that family atmosphere.” – Marc

Marc: Indeed, they said to give them a call when she graduated, because they were really interested.

Family and work

And how does it feel to work with your daughter now?

Marc: That’s not always obvious, hey! Family and work… (laughs). Anyway, those are things I have always been able to separate very well from each other. Working together with Laura creates a very close bond. The advantage is also that we work in the same team, so I can guide her well.

Laura: I think that really adds value, that my father can guide me. After all, I have known him since I was born (laughs).

And the click with the company was there right away?

Laura: My first experience within Multi Masters Group was very positive! I immediately felt accepted by the company as well as the IT team. I knew some colleagues from before. Of course, it is always a bit of a search when you are just starting out somewhere, but there is certainly enough support and guidance, the whole team takes care of that.

Marc and his daughter Laura talk about the family atmosphere at Multi Masters Group.

Family atmosphere

Marc: She was indeed quickly integrated and was immediately well-liked in the group. She is currently working on a little web project, for example, and she gets help from the entire team.

The family atmosphere so…

Marc: Yes, it was there in 2005 when I first came in here and it is still there now, so many years later. Even though the company has now grown enormously and employs so many more people, there is still that same family atmosphere as before. And even the management is still as approachable as when I started here in 2005. I feel perfectly at home here.

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