Feel like gardening? Avoid the 7 most common mistakes in the garden

Spring has arrived once again, and along with the first rays of sunshine, our green thumbs start to itch. Before you dust off your gloves and gardening tools, it’s best to take a moment to consider the most common mistakes in the garden. Our green masters are happy to tell you the things that deserves extra attention.

1. Overwatering

It may seem like the easiest task of all, but one of the most common mistakes in the garden is perhaps overwatering plants. Yes, you can indeed give them too much water. In that case, the roots start to rot, and the plants do not absorb enough nutrients from the soil. But how do you know when a plant needs water and when it doesn’t? Simply check the soil, about 2 to 3 cm deep, and see if it feels dry.

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In addition to the amount of water, the time of day is also an important factor for watering. So, it’s best not to water your plants and flowers at the hottest time of the day. On one hand, you lose a lot of moisture through evaporation, and on the other hand, there is a high chance your plants will burn. The ideal time: when it’s dark, in the morning, or in the evening.

2. Too much or too little sunlight

Another common mistake in the garden is placing plants in a location where they receive too much or too little sunlight. Look closely at the light requirements of the plant. Plants that need a lot of sun won’t thrive in the shade. A plant that requires more shade should not be placed in a sunny spot.

3. Planting too close together

In addition to the amount of sunlight, it also matters how close you plant your plants to each other. Planting them too close together means they will compete for water, nutrients, and space, hindering their growth. The strongest plants will suppress the weaker ones. Do you want to know how much space your plants need from each other? Consult the planting card each time or inquire at the store.

4. Poor soil quality

Healthy soil is the foundation for a lush and flourishing garden. Soil of low quality or depleted soil can result in many problems that hinder plant growth. Therefore, test your soil regularly and add organic material, such as compost, to improve soil structure and replenish nutrients.


5. Mowing the grass too short

Many people make the mistake of mowing their lawn too short. Especially when it’s warm and dry, it’s better to let your grass grow a bit taller. This way, the grass retains more moisture and looks much healthier. Also, avoid watering your lawn during the hottest times.

6. Inadequate maintenance

A common mistake is simply a lack of regular maintenance. In the peak season, it’s best to mow your lawn weekly. Additionally, address moss patches and other weeds regularly to keep your lawn healthy.

7. Ignoring natural cues

Finally, a common mistake in the garden is ignoring the natural signals in your garden. Learn to listen to your plants and observe how they respond to different (weather) conditions. Use these signals to adjust your garden maintenance, and you will notice that your garden becomes (and remains) healthier and more beautiful.

Green Masters

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