Industrial cleaning: why call on a professional cleaning company?

Industrial cleaning is a challenge. But its importance can hardly be overestimated. A lack of maintenance in an industrial environment leads to risks for employees and visitors. This can have adverse consequences, both for their personal health and for your business.

Industrial premises such as warehouses, factories and distribution centres are often huge and full of complicated machinery and hazardous materials. They therefore require specialised industrial cleaning. Is your own staff sufficiently qualified to carry out these tasks? If not, fortunately there are specialised cleaning companies.

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What is industrial cleaning?

In short, industrial cleaning comes down to the use of specialised equipment by qualified staff in an industrial environment. The two together ensure thorough cleanliness. When industrial cleaning is carried out regularly, it automatically creates a pleasant working environment that meets all health and safety guidelines.

Special equipment and cleaning agents are often used during this process. Although this depends on the type of cleaning that is required. All cleaning agents should meet the standards for the type of cleaning required. In addition, the specialists who use them should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). In this way, they are protected against any risks. You can count on your facilities partner to determine what is needed to achieve the best results in your company.

Which companies need industrial cleaning?

Many companies need industrial cleaning to create ideal conditions for their employees. Examples include:

  • Factories;
  • Manufacturing plants;
  • Distribution centres;
  • Self-storage facilities;
  • Industrial plants.

What is needed for industrial cleaning?

In addition to specialised equipment and the right products, a specialised company obviously has qualified personnel. Thanks to thorough training and guidance, the cleaning staff is aware of the safety and hygiene standards that apply in your company.

Specialised cleaning companies excel in flexibility

Cleaning teams need to be able to clean with care and attention without interrupting production. This requires the necessary flexibility. Your professional facilities partner will be happy to work out a tailor-made schedule for you so that your production can continue to run at full speed.

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What is industrial cleaning all about?

Industrial cleaning comprises a wide range of services. It may involve, for example:

  • Cleaning of heavy equipment;
  • Industrial cleaning of carpets and upholstery;
  • The cleaning of loading bays;
  • Cleaning of exhaust systems;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Cleaning, stripping and repainting of floors;
  • Removal of construction debris;
  • Deep cleaning of toilets and other sanitary facilities.

Which machines do specialised companies use?

Which machines are used depends, of course, on your needs. In many cases, specialised cleaning companies work with, among others:

  • High-pressure washers;
  • Steam cleaners;
  • Floor sweepers;
  • Scrubber dryers;
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • Specialised carpet cleaning machines.


Due to the complexity of the jobs, cleaning companies not only create custom schedules for the companies they serve, but also offer services with specialised technologies. Just think of the systems for inspection and cleaning at heights. Most industrial facilities are huge and house large machines and equipment that are difficult or almost impossible to clean using traditional methods.

Professional cleaning companies have knowledge of the right products and cleaning technologies needed to keep your company’s equipment in optimal condition.

What is the difference between industrial cleaning and ‘general’ cleaning?

Both industrial cleaning and the ‘general’ cleaning of offices, schools and shops focus on hygiene and safety. But there are important differences. There is the complexity of the tasks and thus of the skills needed to perform them.

Office cleaning is usually about maintaining safe, tidy spaces. This includes things like cleaning the interior and floors, removing rubbish and maintaining refectories and kitchens. However, industrial cleaning services involve heavier cleaning tasks, often in complex environments full of moving equipment.

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Benefits of choosing a professional cleaning partner

Industrial cleaning is a challenging task, performed in often risky conditions. Calling in a professional cleaning company ensures optimum safety and productivity. And it ensures that your company complies with hygiene standards. This way, you will be ready for the visit of an auditor or inspector.

The consequences of an unhygienic or unsafe working environment are often incalculable. There is the human suffering of course, but also the decrease in productivity and quality. Not to mention the negative impact on your company’s reputation. Choosing a professional partner like Cleaning Masters is definitely worth considering.

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