Mobility Masters nominated for Trends Gazelles 2021

Every year, the economic magazine Trends chooses the ‘Trends Gazelles‘, the fastest growing companies in Flanders. Within Multi Masters Group no less than two divisions made the selection for 2021. One of them is Mobility Masters, our experts in the cleaning of public transport.

In addition to Mobility Masters, which has been nominated in the category ‘Fastest growing large companies’, Techni Masters is also eligible. A double nomination for Multi Masters Group, we are proud of that. “This recognition underlines our mission to unburden companies and organisations through a wide range of services,” explains managing director Philip Paelinck.

Mobility Masters is nominated for the 2021 Trends Gazelles

But what makes Mobility Masters a potential Trends Gazelle? The criteria for this hallmark are, on the one hand, rapid growth, and on the other hand, a sense of innovation, an inspiring approach and a positive influence on the business landscape in the region.

Rapidity and flexibility

It is no coincidence that these factors are also reflected in the values and CSR policy of Multi Masters Group. By the way, the mascot of Trends Gazelles is somewhat reminiscent of the springboks on our logo. Both animals symbolise speed and flexibility: the strong points of our service.

Just like a gazelle, we make big leaps forward. Since the very beginning in the 80’s, Multi Masters Group expanded considerably. Mobility Masters had a very steep growth curve. “In 2014, we started cleaning in the public transport sector. Today we are market leader in Belgium,” says Philip Paelinck.

Anyone who travels by train or bus will therefore most likely come into contact with our craftsmanship. Also in the air! Every year, Mobility Masters cleans some 40,000 planes.

Mobility Masters cleans 40,000 aircraft each year at Brussels Airport.
Every year, Mobility Masters cleans some 40,000 planes at Brussels Airport.

Inspiring and innovative cleaning

Providing millions of travellers with hygienic transport requires more than just good cleaning products. Efficient coordination is crucial. That is why Mobility Masters uses its own planning tools and apps. And in this way, we succeed every year to:

  • have 10,000 cleaned and disinfected buses and trams depart on time every year.
  • clean 1,250,000 trainsets.
  • remove 150,000 m² of graffiti.
  • clean 40,000 aircraft.
Mobility Masters is a specialist in graffiti removal.
Mobility Masters removes some 150,000 m2 of graffiti per year.

Quality, but also safety and sustainability are central to the policy. We care for the planet and the health of our employees by using environmentally friendly products. In addition, our masters receive extensive training via virtual reality techniques.

Mobility Masters uses virtual reality technique to train its employees.
Mobility Masters uses virtual reality techniques to train its employees.

And those efforts pay off. In 2018, for example, Mobility Masters achieved an average quality score of 99% for the cleaning of means of transport. “By constantly innovating, we contribute to a smooth service that millions of passengers use every year,” say managers Luk Hermans and Jamal Farsane.

Stay up to date

On 17 March 2021 we will find out if Mobility Masters will be in the prizes! The nomination for Trends Gazellen is an extra motivation to further optimize our services.
Curious how we do that? Discover what Mobility Masters can do for you or stay informed via social media.

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