Facility services in the petrochemical industry: an overview

What is the importance of good facility services for a company in the petrochemical industry? You’ll find out in this article.

Efficiency and safety are key in the petrochemical industry

In the world of petrochemicals, efficiency and safety are of paramount importance. Many factors play a role in this: top-quality installations, well-trained staff, well thought-out processes and … good facility services.

Facility services in the petrochemical industry - industrial cleaning (Multi Masters Group)

The petrochemical industry is a highly specialised sector. A professional facilities service provider can ensure that the petrochemical company can concentrate fully on its main activities. The service provider takes care of the supporting activities, fully in line with the definition of facility services. That way, your company will be all set for streamlined production and pass the most stringent audits.


An important prerequisite for getting started in the petrochemical industry is the VCA P certificate. If a facility services provider complies with VCA P, the petrochemical company knows that that supplier pays close attention to safety, health and environment and is authorised to work in the sector.

Facility services in the petrochemical industry: what services?

A professional facility services provider can relieve a petrochemical company in numerous ways:

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

A hygienic and well-maintained working environment is crucial in the petrochemical industry. Industrial cleaning that meets the strictest standards and regulations is therefore indispensable.


The petrochemical industry often involves high-risk activities. Experienced fire and safety guards constantly keep an eye on things. In this way, risks are reduced to the absolute minimum.


Because of the potentially dangerous activities, it is important that you always know who is present in your company. Efficient access controls and good site security and surveillance are indispensable.

Facility services in the petrochemical industry - security - Multi Masters Group

Welding and construction work

If adjustments need to be made in your company, a good partner is more than welcome. Laying extra pipes or installing a balustrade to protect a certain area, it seems simple but is best done by a specialised company.

Facility management

As a company in the petrochemical industry, you can choose a separate supplier for all the above services. However, there are also facility management service providers who offer all these services. Moreover, if required, they also look after facility management. In this way, they take all facility concerns off your hands.

Multi Masters Group and the petrochemical industry

Multi Masters Group offers a complete package of facility services. Within our organisation, Cleaning Masters, Hygi Masters, Construct Masters, Security Masters and Safety Masters are VCA P-certified. They therefore obtained the highest accreditation in the field of safety and have extensive experience in the petrochemical sector.

In addition, Multi Masters Group offers many other VCA-certified services, such as green maintenance, parking maintenance, technical maintenance of production facilities, maintenance and management of technical facilities in buildings and so on.

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