The professional robot vacuum cleaner: the right choice for your company too

Isn’t a professional robot vacuum cleaner extremely expensive? And does it clean thoroughly? These are some of the questions facility managers often ask us. In this article we look together with you at how you and your company can benefit from the advantages of a professional robot hoover.

Too expensive?

It’s certainly not cheap. But a professional robot hoover gives you a lot in return. Because this type of vacuum cleaner works completely autonomously, you can increase the cleaning frequency of your building. Why not have it drive around all day or even at night? That way, both the hard floors and the carpets will always be spotlessly clean.

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What about quality and safety?

A robot vacuum cleaner will clean your carpets more thoroughly. So you will certainly not lose quality, on the contrary.

Safety is also guaranteed. The robot hoover is equipped with sensitive sensors. They detect all obstacles such as people and furniture and carefully avoid them.

Does the professional robot vacuum cleaner replace cleaning staff?

The professional robot hoover is a so-called ‘co-bot’. This is a contraction of ‘cooperation’ and ‘robot’. So it is a robot that works together with humans. While the robot takes over routine tasks from the cleaners, they have more time to, for example, disinfect the door handles. Or to give the sanitary facilities an extra cleaning. Tasks that have gained tremendous importance since the corona pandemic.

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With a professional robot vacuum cleaner you are always in good hands

This robot hoover does not only offer a thorough, quality cleaning of your building. It also contributes to increased motivation (due to less routine tasks) of the cleaning staff. Moreover, the robot is never ill and never takes a holiday. So you are always in good hands.

Do you also want to benefit from the advantages of a professional robot vacuum cleaner? Then get in touch with us.

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