Refugees from Ukraine get shelter, education and hope thanks to Multi Masters Group and partners

Helping refugees from Ukraine, it was an idea that had been in the making at Multi Masters Group since the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke out. Aid goods have already been sent. But together with some partners the facility services provider has now actually put the plan into practice. A few dozen refugees from Ukraine are given shelter in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht.

Organising emergency accommodation for refugees from Ukraine

“Everyone has seen the images: people hiding in shelters, shopping centres or underground stations. Children wandering alone in devastated cities. Not to mention the violence and bombings. Just terrible. That’s why we wanted to do something to help some of these refugees from Ukraine”, says Didier Lasters, manager at Multi Masters Group.

“One of our customers, the Brussels-based company Alter Pharma, came up with the idea of organising emergency accommodation. We were happy to lend a hand.” Besides Alter Pharma and Multi Masters Group, other companies are supporting the initiative, as well as the municipality of Anderlecht and the embassy of Ukraine.

60 refugees from Ukraine are housed

In a building on the Square Marie Curie in Anderlecht 60 refugees from Ukraine are offered shelter. It mainly concerns women and children. The emergency shelter was started for an initial period of 3 to 6 months. The Ukrainian refugees receive shelter, meals and medical assistance until they have found long-term housing or until the end of the war.

Refugees from Ukraine get shelter in Anderlecht thanks to Multi Masters Group and their partners.


Alter Pharma made the building in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht available. In preparation for the reception of refugees from Ukraine, we thoroughly cleaned the building. Both the 15 rooms on the first floor and the communal areas on the ground floor,” says Didier Lasters. “We also provide the cleaning equipment, cleaning products and waste islands. During the stay of the Ukrainian people, we will also help to monitor the cleaning.”

Training and job search

The involvement of Multi Masters Group does not end there. “It is not immediately clear how long these people will stay in Belgium. That is why we want to give them the opportunity to build a future here. Those who want to will receive training from our cleaning division Cleaning Masters to become cleaners. And our HR division Recrewtment searches for a job with those who are interested. In this way, we not only offer the Ukrainian refugees shelter, but also a little bit of hope for a better future. Of course the most important thing is that the conflict is over soon. And that these people will soon receive good news from their relatives who stayed in Ukraine.”

Anyone who has questions about this action can send an e-mail to

You can make a contribution by transferring money to the account IBAN BE20 3632 2054 0856 / BIC BBRUBEBB.

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