Springbok #6: discover the sixth edition of Multi Masters Group’s magazine

Springbok #6 is out. In the sixth edition of Springbok, the semi-annual magazine of Multi Masters Group, you’ll find out what our customers have to say about our collaboration, what innovations we’re introducing, our ecological initiatives, how our employees experience their job at Multi Masters Group, and much more.

Springbok #6 tells our customers’ story

  • The city of Roeselare found the right facility partner with Cleaning Masters: “The values and norms of Cleaning Masters align with ours, and you can see it in the work delivered.”
  • APK Group sought and found relief with Multi Masters Group: “We would like to continue working together in the future.”
  • YouBuild found a partner in Multi Masters Group that provides a comprehensive solution: “We can count on a total facility partner with a flexible planning.”
Springbok 6 - magazine - Multi Masters Group - Springbok #6

Pest control in question and answer

Pests in your buildings, you really don’t need it. So, it’s better to prevent them from nesting in or around your buildings. But even if it’s too late, Hygi Masters is ready to assist. What can you expect from our services, how do we operate, and what does the CEPA certificate entail? You’ll find out in 4 questions and answers.

Cleaning of up to 40,000 aircraft per year

Our mobility masters ensure a swift cleaning of up to 40,000 aircraft per year at the airport. Behind all those clean aircraft is, of course, a (hyper)flexible and well-thought-out planning. Our mobility masters give you a glimpse behind the scenes: from how the planning is initiated months in advance to lastminute adjustments due to unexpected circumstances.

The story of dispatcher Zakaria

On that same airport, we also find Zakaria. He started as a student cleaner of planes and advanced to dispatcher after his studies. We visited Zakaria on the airport tarmac, where he now handles the cleaning planning. “I feel like I’m making progress in my career, which motivates me.”

Fight against single-use plastics

At Multi Masters Group, we not only encourage our employees to sort correctly, but we also go a step further. We look at where we can reduce ‘single-use plastics’ as a company and take concrete actions, together with our partners River Cleanup and Fost Plus.

And these topics are also covered in Springbok #6

  • Our sustainable innovations from which our customers benefit
  • The new brand positioning of our French parent company Samsic Facility
  • Hygi Masters receives a new CEPA certificate
  • The Dutch Van Alem Schoonmaak (acquired by Multi Masters Group in 2021) undergoes rebranding to Samsic Facility NL
  • Our Techni Masters employees undergo ‘LOTOTO’ training – ‘Lock Out – Tag Out – Try Out’
  • Cleaning Masters, in collaboration with the Made Blue Foundation, collects 612,000 liters of clean drinking water for developing countries.
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