The fifth edition of Springbok is here (and we dressed it in a ‘green’ outfit)

Springbok 5, the fifth edition of the semi-annual magazine of Multi Masters Group, has arrived. The common thread – feel free to call it the “green” thread – throughout the magazine is sustainability. Sustainability in all its aspects, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Discover as you take a look at our articles how we implement our sustainable approach not only within the company but also with our clients (and even the clients of our clients).

Springbok 5 - magazine Multi Masters Group

Springbok 5 magazine tells the story of our customers

  • Stijn Van Hoof of Etex hired Cleaning Masters as the first external partner at the company: “I feel like we’re collaborating with a partner who truly understands us.”
  • Jan Michiels of Vivaldis Interim highlights nationwide coverage as one of the most significant advantages of the partnership: “Our offices in Oostende and Liège are over 200 kilometres apart, and Cleaning Masters takes care of all of them.”
  • Jens Jaecques of CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen found a partner he can truly trust with Cleaning Masters: “Would we want to change anything about the collaboration? Quite the opposite!”

The incredible story of Dorjee

1996. That is the year Dorjee fled from his homeland, Tibet. His story is truly inspiring. It eventually brought him to the Multi Masters Group, specifically to Green Masters, where he started as a gardener. Thanks to his positive attitude and determination, Dorjee rose through the ranks to become a foreman in our green division. “Everyone looks up to Dorjee and respects him. He never needs to raise his voice,” says his team.

Three in a row for Mobility Masters

And those three in a row refer to the Trends Gazellen 2023. For the third consecutive year, Mobility Masters, our specialist in public transport cleaning and graffiti removal, was nominated for the Trends Gazellen. Also, for the third year in a row, it secured a spot in the top 10 among ‘Large Companies.’ “An achievement to be very proud of, of course,” says Commercial and business manager Koen Van Riet.

A partner in life

Engaging a facilities partner takes away a burden, namely, facility management. You can rest assured that your buildings are being maintained to high standards. But at Multi Masters Group, we aim to be more than just a facilities partner. We want to be a partner in life. “A partner in life not only takes your worries away but also cares for your organization, employees, and your company’s customers,” explains Commercial and business manager Koen Van Riet.

Preventive maintenance of your technical installations

Do you frequently encounter issues with your technical installations? Such as breakdowns, leaks, and more? It might be time to handle proactive. Our techni masters and maintenance masters are happy to provide you with five reasons to choose a smart approach: a preventive, sustainable one. That means addressing problems before they occur.

Sustainable (tele)working

Did you know that sending emails has an environmental impact? And that you can do something about it? It’s not even difficult. Samsic, our parent company, is happy to offer various tips for a greener, more sustainable (tele)work environment.

And Springbok has much more in store

  • Some sustainable innovations we like to employ for our customers
  • Cleaning in cleanrooms: how does that work?
  • Multi Masters Group receives the ‘Sport Business’ label
  • Cleaning Masters retains its ISO 14001:2015 certificate
  • Green Masters invests in sustainable, ergonomic machinery
  • Multi Masters Group builds bicycles for a good cause
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