What is facility management? And what are the benefits for companies and organisations?

What is facility management and how can companies and organisations benefit from efficient facility management? From space optimisation and cost savings to improved productivity and sustainability, facility management plays a crucial role. We are happy to explain it to you in a few questions and answers.

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Facility services and facility management

First, we will search for the correct meaning of facility management. This search reveals that the definition has changed considerably over the years. The link with ‘facility services‘ is abundantly clear. In summary, we can say that facility services include “all support activities for the primary process of an organisation.”

The primary process of an organisation refers to producing goods or providing services. The secondary process is then that of facility services. Bottom line, then, is that a facility services provider creates the best possible working conditions for its customers so that they can focus on their primary process.

What is facility management?

Facility management then means: “Managing all these support activities.” Not only the implementation, but also the planning, control, follow-up, … Facility management is situated at the operational level, where facility management adheres to the strategic level of an organisation.

What does facility management include?

Efficient facility management thus covers various ‘support services’ that contribute to the success of an organisation. But what exactly are these support services?

  • Cleaning: classic cleaning, specialised cleaning, glass washing, industrial cleaning, sanitary hygiene, …
  • Green maintenance: general green activities, parking maintenance, winter services, …
  • Technical maintenance: maintenance and management of technical installations, industrial maintenance of production facilities, facility maintenance of buildings, …
  • Pest control: pest control, building care, …
  • Security: static and mobile surveillance, access control and reception, …
  • Safety: fire and security guards
  • Catering: organisation of (company) events

What are the benefits of facility management?

Efficient use of space: Facility management helps optimise the layout and use of spaces within an organisation. This leads to more efficient use of available space. For example, organise workplaces more efficiently, implement flexible workplace concepts and thereby maximise the available space.

Cost savings: Through efficient facility management, you can save costs in various areas, such as energy management, equipment maintenance and inventory management. A facility management service provider like Multi Masters Group can support you in identifying potential cost savings and implementing more efficient processes. This can include optimising energy use, implementing smart technologies for monitoring and streamlining facility processes.

facility management - the services offered by Multi Masters Group: cleaning, sanitary hygiene, technical maintenance, safety guards, security, catering, welding, green maintenance, pest control

Improved productivity: A well-organised and well-maintained working environment can positively influence employee productivity. Facility management ensures a pleasant and functional working environment, with attention to ergonomics, comfort and health. This can increase employee well-being and satisfaction, which in turn improves productivity. Think about ergonomic adjustments, improving air quality, optimising cleaning or qualitatively maintaining green areas in your organisation.

Asset management: Facility management plays a crucial role in managing assets, such as furniture, equipment and supplies. Through effective asset management, waste can be reduced, maintenance optimised and asset life extended. Carrying out preventive maintenance of infrastructure and facilities plays a major role in this.

Safety and security: Facility management also includes ensuring a safe and secure working environment. This is done by implementing security measures such as fire protection systems and access control.

Time savings: By outsourcing facility management (in a well-organised way), you can focus on your core activities and strategic goals.

What is the link between facility management and sustainability?

Facility management can contribute to achieving an organisation’s sustainability goals. As a facility management service provider, Multi Masters Group can advise and guide clients in developing and implementing sustainability initiatives. This includes identifying opportunities for energy savings, waste management and encouraging environmentally friendly processes. By integrating sustainability into facility services, the service provider helps clients achieve their sustainability goals.

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