What’s it like in a family business? Wendy and her daughter Sam talk about working at Multi Masters Group

A family business, Multi Masters Group still is after almost 35 years. This is evident from the fact that Nicolas de Schutter, as chairman, continues the work of his father and founder Paul. But the family feeling is also reflected elsewhere in the company. We interviewed Wendy and her daughter Sam. Both feel very happy at Multi Masters Group.

Family business - Multi Masters Group - Wendy and her daughter Sam

Wendy, when did you start working at Multi Masters Group?

Wendy: That was in 2001. I started at Cleaning Masters‘ reception desk, where I could really get to know the family business. Right now, I am working on my fifth position within Cleaning Masters. I am currently payroll manager of the workers and HR team leader.

Growing responsibility within the family business

A nice career switch.

Wendy: True. Experience was not necessary to progress, you just have to have a genuine interest in the job. Interest and motivation to want to do it. You really get the chance to do that here. You don’t get thrown in, of course; you always get the necessary guidance. That way, you get more and more responsibility over the years.

And how did your daughter Sam end up here?

Wendy: When I started working here, I brought Sam to the office occasionally. The children of my colleagues also walked around here sometimes back then. Sam played ‘carrier pigeon’ for me, but also for the colleagues. She brought documents from one side of the office to the other. But she also made loom bands for the colleagues, or garlands… Sam knows many people here by now and many colleagues already know her.

Family business - Multi Masters Group
As a little girl, Sam occasionally came to the office with her mother.

“Thanks to my student job at Multi Masters Group, I even realized what I would like to study.” – Sam

Sam: I am still ‘little Sam’ here. When I started my student job here, I was 15 years old. That’s about 3 years ago. I was really well received; everyone still knew me and was social. ‘Ah, Sam is back!’, they said. Even people I no longer recognized myself still recognized me. That was reassuring, also because they were so friendly.

Family atmosphere

And has that good, family atmosphere remained over the years?

Sam: That is indeed still good! I work in an environment where there is often talk and laughter. There is a very nice atmosphere and I like being here. That is also one of the things I find important: a good atmosphere. I like to have a chat at work. If there isn’t one and you don’t know the people very well, there’s often an awkward atmosphere. That’s not the case in this family business. Everyone talks to me and I talk to everyone.

But, of course, there is also work to be done…

Sam: Indeed, I do my student work in the prevention department and accounting. I review lists, keep staff lists up-to-date, review toolboxes, scan documents, enter invoices, … A bit of everything! I also learn things. It may sound stupid, but putting everything in folders is really important!

Family business - Multi Masters Group - Wendy and her daughter Sam

Wendy: A good classification system in a HR department is hugely important. When I used to be in the HR department myself, I didn’t like handing my classification system over to a student. But Sam gets to do a lot by now. She is no longer a 16-year-old student, she has a sense of responsibility and that is also noticed within the company.

Trust is important in a family business

It must be satisfying to get all these opportunities now.

Sam: Yes, I do notice that they trust me. After my previous period as a student here at Multi Masters Group, there were two or three people who asked me if I wanted to come and work here. They even called my mum. But first, I will continue my studies! During that period, I do like to continue my holiday job at Multi Masters Group. I like being here, always have been.
Wendy: Of course, as a mum, you do expect her to do well. After all, you brought them into the company. That she then actually does so well, that pleases me.

Sam: Thanks to my holiday job here, I even realized what I would like to study. I will soon start studying Psychology. In my third year, I would like to choose work psychology as a specialization. In the meantime, I’ve become really interested in this job!

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