Why work with an ISO14001 certified company?

Being ISO14001 certified is often a condition of participation in tenders, but what makes an ISO14001 certified company interesting? Find out in this article.

What does ‘ISO14001 certified’ mean?

To find out the benefits of being ISO14001 certified or of working with an ISO14001 certified company, let’s first explain what ISO14001 is. The International Organization for Standardization defines it as follows: “ISO14001 is an internationally agreed standard setting out the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organisations improve their environmental performance by using resources more efficiently and reducing waste, thereby gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders.”

ISO14001 certified - Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters

So, if a company is ISO 14001 certified, it means that it has incorporated all the requirements of this standard into an environmental management system and that all these requirements have been met.

For which companies?

All companies can earn ISO 14001 certification, regardless of their size, type, sector and so on. The standard is applicable to both large and small companies, public and private, producers and service providers.

This is because the norm itself does not impose specific criteria for environmental performance. ISO14001 is aimed at helping companies to develop an environmental management system. The standard provides a framework and the necessary guidelines for this. By applying them rigorously, the environmental performance of these companies will automatically improve.

What are the advantages of working with an ISO14001 certified company?

An ISO14001 certified company has a well-oiled environmental management system. That is the big advantage, but what does it mean in concrete terms?

  • Everyone in the company understands the importance of caring for the environment. From the CEO to the cleaning staff, the security guards and the technicians on the shop floor.
  • An ISO14001 certified company scrupulously adheres to all legal and other requirements concerning the environment.
  • In all decisions – short and long term – the environment is one of the decisive arguments.
  • An ISO14001 certified company has a culture of continuous improvement. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their environmental performance.
  • For many job seekers nowadays, environmental concern is an important factor in their choice of employer. ISO14001 certified companies build themselves a stronger position in the ‘war for talent’.

Are there operational benefits as well?

Absolutely. Take a facility services provider, for example. At Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters, who have just passed the ISO14001 audit again, care for the environment is expressed on the shop floor in many ways. A few examples:

  • Ecological cleaning products.
  • Cleaning materials (e.g. cleaning trolley, microfibre cloths) made from recycled materials.
  • Cleaning machines that use as little water and electricity as possible.
  • Proper waste sorting.
  • Sanitary dispensers and products based on recycled materials.
  • Pest control with non-toxic baits.
ISO14001 certified - Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters have passed the external environmental audit.

To make sure the staff applies all this correctly, Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters provide frequent training sessions. They always pay attention to the environmental aspects of the activities.


When you choose an ISO1 4001 certified company as your (facilities) partner, you enjoy the benefits. You get a quality service and this in a ‘green’ way. This will undoubtedly reflect on your own staff, but also on your visitors and customers, which can only benefit your image.

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