World Cleanup Day 22: Multi Masters Group and Renewi join forces

World Cleanup Day 22 is fast approaching. On 17 September, River Cleanup will organise numerous litter campaigns worldwide. As a structural partner of River Cleanup, Multi Masters Group will support World Cleanup Day Antwerp. And this in collaboration with waste specialist Renewi.

Multi Masters Group is ready for World Cleanup Day 22.

What is World Cleanup Day?

It is a day on which worldwide attention is drawn to the problem of litter. On this day, volunteers all over the world set out to collect litter. The initiative for World Cleanup Day came from Estonia. The Estonian movement ‘Let’s do it, World’ was created in 2008.

When is World Cleanup Day 22?

World Cleanup Day takes place annually on the third Saturday in September. So this year on Saturday 17 September 2022.

Litter campaigns in Belgium? River Cleanup!

Only since 2017 has attention for the problem of litter in our country been greatly stimulated. This is thanks to the organisation River Cleanup. Five years ago, founder Thomas De Groote was challenged to pick up litter for 10 minutes. In those few minutes, he realised how big the problem of litter is. And he decided to do something about it: River Cleanup was born.

River Cleanup organises litter campaigns throughout the year. Initially only in Belgium, but in the meantime also in many other countries. Think of Cameroon and Albania. And after the heavy floods in the summer of 2021, the ‘river warriors’ helped cleaning up in the affected areas in the south of Belgium for weeks.

River Cleanup has an enormous experience in organising actions against litter.

Some impressive figures from 5 years of River Cleanup:

  • 3374 events
  • 180,338 volunteers
  • 2,703,855 kg of litter collected

Multi Masters Group and River Cleanup

From the start of River Cleanup, Multi Masters Group has been one of the structural partners. In addition to the financial support, the facility services provider also actively combats litter. For example, in 2019, the Multi Masters River Cleanup took place in the Rivierenhof in Deurne.

During the corona pandemic, mass events were not possible. But even then, Multi Masters Group succeeded in fostering the fight against litter. In early 2020, the very first River Skimmer was launched in the Dok in Merksem.

In addition, Multi Masters Group participated in smaller teams in the numerous River Cleanup organisations. Such as River Cleanup World (see photo).

Multi Masters Group participates often in cleanup events and we will be there at World Cleanup Day 22.

River Cleanup Impact Event

In the spring of 2022, on the occasion of River Cleanup’s 5th anniversary, the River Cleanup Impact Event took place. As one of the invited guests, Nicolas de Schutter, chairman of Multi Masters Group, underlined the increased attention for waste management during the live broadcast event.

World Cleanup Day 22: Multi Masters Group and Renewi

To underline this attention for waste management, Multi Masters Group will participate in World Cleanup Day 22 on 17 September, together with its partner Renewi. As a specialist in the field of waste management and circularity, Renewi strives to minimise waste.

On 17 September 2022, the employees of Multi Masters Group and Renewi will join forces at the Stormkop in Antwerp, where the main event of River Cleanup will take place.


Would you also like to participate in a River Cleanup litter campaign? In other words, do you also want to become a ‘river warrior’?

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