Bart Van Lissum (beMatrix) about the successful cooperation with Multi Masters Group:

“You can really ask Multi Masters Group anything”

Bart Van Lissum and beMatrix count on Multi Masters Group for its high quality facility services

BeMatrix is a major player in the Belgian and international stand construction sector. In 2019, the Roeselare-based company experienced a growth spurt. Facility coordinator Bart Van Lissum therefore went looking for a facility service provider that would optimally support the professional image of beMatrix. He found that partner in Multi Masters Group.

Since 1993, beMatrix has designed and produced modular frame systems for the exhibition and event sector. The unique system can be endlessly combined with panels or cloths. “With us the customer is king. We do everything we can to respond flexibly to their wishes. This is possible because production takes place entirely in-house.” BeMatrix is also well known abroad. “We have major customers in the Netherlands and Germany, but also in England, America and even China,” says Bart Van Lissum.

beMatrix counts on Cleaning Masters - one of the divisions of facility services specialist Multi Masters Group - for the cleaning of its buildings.

BeMatrix triples its cleaning

As facility coordinator and prevention advisor, Bart Van Lissum makes sure that everything runs smoothly and safely behind the scenes. “I look for and send in external service providers who look after our buildings down to the last detail. That’s how he came across Multi Masters Group. “When I started here in 2019, beMatrix was experiencing explosive growth. We expanded from 1 to 3 factory buildings. Of course, that also meant more cleaning.”

Small details

In the search for an external facilities service provider, Bart paid particular attention to continuity: “I wanted to bring regularity to the maintenance of the buildings.” Multi Masters Group stood out among the various options because of small details. “The first contact, for example, was good. Just like beMatrix, Multi Masters Group communicated smoothly and in a down-to-earth way. That was a very good sign in my eyes.”

Thinking along about what could be done differently

In 2019, Multi Masters Group went to work for beMatrix for the first time. “The start-up is always the most challenging period: you make new appointments and get to know each other. For example, the first cleaning master who came to us was not an ideal match. You can’t predict such things. Luckily, Cleaning Masters dealt well with that feedback and looked for a solution. That’s what you expect from a service provider: that they take responsibility and think along about what could be done differently. And of course that makes my job easier.”

“With us the customer is king, but we are also treated as king by Multi Masters Group.”

BeMatrix appreciates Multi Masters Group’s continuity and professionalism

Thanks to the mobile replacement team, Cleaning Masters introduced more continuity in the cleaning of both toilets and offices. Thanks to this system there is always a replacement available.

In addition, Hygi Masters helps strengthen the professional image of beMatrix. By cleaning the facade of the headquarters, for example. But also by making the sanitary facilities in every beMatrix building uniform. “It seems like a detail, but with the same towel and toilet dispensers in every toilet you leave a neat and organised impression”, Bart explains.

Nowadays Hygi Masters also takes care of the supply and restocking of hygiene paper. “I only have to call and everything is arranged. Hygi Masters also checks the stock regularly. Those little things make my job a bit easier.”

beMatrix relies on Cleaning Masters - one of the divisions of facility services specialist Multi Masters Group - for the cleaning of its buildings.

“Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters not only make sure everything is clean, but also help us maintain a professional appearance.”

beMatrix counts on Cleaning Masters - one of the divisions of facility services specialist Multi Masters Group - for the cleaning of its buildings.

Industrial cleaning at beMatrix

For the cleaning of production lines beMatrix regularly calls on the industrial cleaners at Cleaning Masters. beMatrix is, after all, a metal processing company. “Since 2018 we have a completely new and automated machine park for the production of our aluminium frames. This requires thorough, regular, but above all specialised maintenance.”

Together with Multi Masters Group, beMatrix provided training to learn how to clean specific parts. “Because of the corona crisis we had to be more flexible in terms of production, but Multi Masters Group always responded well to this. Thanks to their prompt action we were able to complete every order quickly.”

Generous cooperation

Bart continues: “For us it is clear that you can really ask Multi Masters Group for anything. They have even done our loading docks in the past.” The success formula of the collaboration? According to Bart, it lies in the flexibility and open communication of Multi Masters Group. “That’s worth a lot, especially for a service provider. At beMatrix the customer is king, but we are also treated like a king by Multi Masters Group.”

BeMatrix in short

  • Leading stand construction company, active in 63 countries worldwide with headquarters in Roeselare (Belgium)
  • Producer of unique frame systems for modular stand construction with an eye for innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Cooperation with Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters for, among other things, sanitary facilities, traditional cleaning, industrial cleaning and façade cleaning

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