APK Group sought and found unburdening at Multi Masters Group:

“We no longer have to worry, it’s just fine”

Johan Gerits - facility manager - APK Group

APK Group is creating the society of tomorrow by building smart and future-proof cities. To keep their offices across Flanders clean, they enlisted the help of Cleaning Masters. A successful partnership that has stood the test of time since 2015. “We no longer have to worry about cleaning; it’s just fine,” says Facility manager Johan Gerits.

APK Group builds smart cities in a sustainable way

Rebuild roads, develop, manufacture and install road signs and lighting poles, lay pipes for utilities (water, gas and electricity), arrange facilities for electric charging stations and even replace the smart meter at your home. APK Group’s vision is clear: to create smart cities in various areas. “We want to help the community tackle all roadworks and infrastructure works in a future-oriented way,” says Johan Gerits, Facility manager at APK Group.

APK Group - cleaning - Multi Masters Group

As one of the larger players in the market, APK Group has grown significantly over the years. “We now have over 2,000 employees, from the person with a shovel to the civil engineer. They are spread across 35 sites throughout Flanders. Our vision? To continue growing healthily and be a significant player in the future in terms of sustainability and building smart cities.”

Smooth and informal

Six years ago, when Johan became Facility Manager at the company, Cleaning Masters had already been active at APK Group for a few years. “At that time, about 20 sites were cleaned,” says Johan. “But we grow every year, and Cleaning Masters grows with us. When we open a new site, they make their proposal, and we often choose to work with them again. We are really satisfied with their services, so we enjoy working with them.”

For Johan, it was his first introduction to Cleaning Masters. “It was an immediate and very smooth contact. That was within the first two to three weeks that I started here, with Timo. But also now, we still find the values and norms of Multi Masters Group. When Sandra (Facility coordinator at Cleaning Masters) comes here, it’s always very informal. If there’s something, it’s just mentioned. It’s not made a big deal, but always thought about in terms of solutions.”

“Cleaning Masters’ inspection system guarantees that cleaning is always done well.”

“We have 35 sites. I can’t always go everywhere to check if everything is cleaned properly. Thanks to the inspection system, Cleaning Masters guarantees that the cleaning is done well. We receive few to no complaints, and if we do, one call to our contact person is enough. Cleaning Masters provides a solution in no time.”

APK Group: “Supportive and flexible”

When asked about Cleaning Masters’ strongest point, Johan is clear. “Unburdening,” he says. “That is the most important. We don’t have to worry about whether cleaning is done at this or another site. It’s just fine. What we also appreciate is flexibility. That was the case during the COVID-19 period, but also during the summer holidays, when there is a lower occupancy rate at certain locations. Then we need fewer cleaning sessions. If we communicate this in advance, Cleaning Masters adjusts without any problem.”

“But I’m also talking about flexibility in case of expansion. When a new site is added, someone comes immediately to measure all square meters. Then we receive an offer. If there’s an agreement, Cleaning Masters organises the startup and delivers suitable personnel and all the necessary equipment.”

APK Group rekent voor de schoonmaak op Multi Masters Group

“Cleaning Masters anticipates problems, so we are immediately reassured.”

Cleaning - APK Group - Multi Masters Group

“If a cleaner is absent due to illness, we receive a call, and a replacement is arranged soon. They anticipate to solve the problem for us. This immediately reassures us, and we can proactively communicate this to the relevant sites. It’s about having trust in and respect for your partner. We want to continue working in the same way in the future, with the same mutual trust.”

Hygi Masters to the rescue

APK Group also occasionally relies on the services of our hygi masters. “When we have pest problems, they help us. We even managed to involve Hygi Masters at the Lommel SK football club, part of CFG, where Paul Kerkhofs, founder of APK Group, was chairman. I am responsible for general safety, overseeing stewards, fire brigade, and first aid teams there. Sometimes we have insect infestations at the club. These are well solved by Hygi Masters.”

About APK Group

  • Focus on creating smart cities through a wide range of infrastructure works.
  • Connects people, businesses, and governments by making cities future-proof, safe, and accessible.
  • Founded in 1960 and located throughout Flanders.
  • Collaboration with Cleaning Masters for regular cleaning and window washing, and Hygi Masters for pest control.

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