Back to the office: air cleaning with UV light

Back to the office after corona: many companies will see their employees return to the office in the coming weeks and months. As an employer, you need to prepare for this. Your employees expect a hygienic and above all virus-free working environment.

In response to this coming back to the office after the corona virus, Multi Masters Group compiled the white paper ‘Trust in hygiene’. In this excerpt we look at how you can keep the indoor air in your building optimal, all the time. When your personnel is coming back to the office, you can install an air cleaning system using UV light.

Back to the office: ‘total clean’ concept

“We can rely heavily on cleaning programmes, cleaning and disinfection products, even special wipes and alcohol gel, but what about the air we breathe inside? How healthy is it?

Multi Masters Group goes for a ‘total clean‘ concept with guidelines and advice on surface and air cleaning.

When your staff comes back to the office after the pandemic, healthy indoor air is a must, this is possible with air cleaning with UV light.

Back to the office: measuring air quality and if necessary purify it with UV light

Using specialised products and equipment, we can measure the air quality before we start working. We carry out thorough measurements where the employees are located. With the aid of the Clean’Sence range, we can remotely monitor the parameters and intervene in time. We know when the air quality drops and solve it in time for you.

Viruses and ventilation

Viruses spread through mists and vapours in the air. Good ventilation is therefore important for general health.

In order to limit the risk of contamination, experts recommend increasing the number of changes in work spaces from 25 times per hour to 40 times per hour with a maximum of clean air. This means as little recuperation as possible.

CO2 as an indicator

It is important to carefully follow the rules for the maintenance of ventilation systems. In addition to cleaning filters, you should adjust the ventilation volume and the mixed air ratios of your ventilation group. Maintenance Masters will be happy to adjust this for you. Our division can also install a new ventilation group in your building.

To detect contaminated air, CO2 is a good indicator. The upper limits are set at 1,000-1,200 ppm CO2 for an old building and 600-800 ppm CO2 for a new building.

When your staff comes back to the office after the pandemic, healthy indoor air is a must, this is possible with air cleaning with UV light.

Air cleaning with UV light

Bacteria and viruses are not captured by the better filters. That’s where UV light comes in. Cleaning Masters offers applications on a large scale. For instance, in a hospital where a UV robot systematically visits large parts of the building. Or on a smaller scale, where for each specific surface from table to wall models are installed. Moreover, the necessary aftercare is provided by Maintenance Masters.”

Back to the office: order the free whitepaper

This text comes from the white paper ‘Trust in hygiene’ which is entirely dedicated to facility services during and after the corona pandemic. The white paper is available in Dutch and French.

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