CEPA certificate: Hygi Masters gets renewal for 3 years

Hygi Masters remains one of Belgium’s leading pest control companies. This was confirmed during a renewal audit for the European CEPA certificate. After a thorough evaluation, Hygi Masters’ certificate was renewed for 3 years.

CEPA: European standard for pest control

CEPA is the European organisation of professional pest controllers. It was founded in 1974 and operates in 23 countries. The organisation created CEPA certification as an industry standard that takes into account the highest standards of public health and hygiene. A standard, therefore, to professionalise the European pest control sector and protect customers, public health, and the environment. Those wishing to obtain CEPA certification can apply for an audit by an accredited auditing agency.

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Audit for CEPA certificate renewal

On the 15th of November 2023, Hygi Masters was visited by an auditor of the DQS certification agency. He came to check whether Hygi Masters’ management system still meets the European standard EN 16636.

During the audit, the DQS auditor subjected both theory and practice to a thorough inspection. “The entire process was turned inside out,” says Patrick Houtmeyers, manager of Hygi Masters. “How we deal with a pest report, how we contact the client, how we evaluate the situation, how we organise the approach, how we report on our activities, how we further monitor the situation, which training courses our employees take, which types of pesticides we use, our risk analyses… The car of one of our technicians was also examined in detail. He was asked a question about every part of his equipment. Not a single detail escaped the auditor.”

The auditor did not find any non-conformities, so the result was positive. Hygi Masters received a three-year extension of its CEPA certificate.

CEPA certificate - Hygi Masters - pest control

Top in Belgium

With the renewal of the CEPA certificate, Hygi Masters confirms its place among the leading pest control companies in Belgium. There are only four companies in our country that comply with European standard EN 16636 (version 2015). Passing this audit proves that Hygi Masters:

  • has the necessary competences and know-how to conduct pest control;
  • has a management system that guarantees a consistent level of quality;
  • systematically minimises risks to customers and the public;
  • systematically minimises potential negative impacts on the environment and animal welfare.

Besides the CEPA certificate, Hygi Masters also holds the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, the VCA-P:2017/6.0 certificate, the ISO 14001:2015 certificate and the Phyto licence. Hygi Masters is registered with the FPS Public Health, Environment Department of Biocides and is an active member of BePMA, the Belgian Pest Management Association.

Besides pest control, Hygi Masters specialises in sanitary hygiene and building care. It also runs a collection service for deceased pets.

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