The importance of thorough cleaning after your renovation or remodelling

Have the last touches been made to your renovation or remodelling works in the buildings of your company? Then the stressful period (finally) gives way to well-deserved enjoyment of your project. But before you can do that, there is still a significant task ahead: cleaning up after the renovation or remodelling. Because after every renovation or remodelling period, there is a lot of dust and other dirt left behind.

The importance of thorough cleaning after renovation or remodelling

Renovation or remodelling works naturally involve a lot of dirt, including a lot of construction waste and dust. Whatever your intention is with your project – for personal use, resale, or other professional purposes – thorough cleaning after the works is an absolute must. And that for several reasons.

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A clean image

The first impression is quickly made. A company that takes the effort and time to ensure that everything is clean again after the renovation or remodelling works leaves a better impression on visitors and (potential) customers. But also, your own employees will appreciate that you care about their well-being. Working in a clean, well-maintained work environment also increases productivity among your employees.

Prevent damage to new materials

A new work environment often involves new appliances and other installations. By thoroughly cleaning after your works, you prevent these materials from being covered by leftover dust or other dirt. Additionally, you naturally want your new space(s) to remain looking beautiful. Think, for example, of paint residues that can remain on your floors, windows, or other surfaces.

Cleaning into the smallest corners

All the leftover dust accumulates and spreads into the smallest corners and crevices. This also applies to ventilation systems. Therefore, when cleaning afterwards, be sure to work in detail so that the air quality in your building(s) is always guaranteed.

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Remove hazardous, leftover building materials

During renovation or remodelling projects, various building materials, such as fiberglass, metal residues, nails, screws, glass, and other sharp objects, can remain behind. These not only are a danger to you and the visitors of your building but can also cause damage to your floors, furniture, and materials. Thorough cleaning ensures that all this construction waste is removed.

Prevent dust with these tips

So, there are plenty of reasons to opt for cleaning after a renovation or remodelling. Are your works yet to start? Then be sure to use the tips below to prevent as much dust as possible:

  • Dampen some towels and place them in front of cracks and other openings.
  • Seal openings of doors, cabinets, windows, and other furniture with tape.
  • Prevent dust from getting into your furniture by covering them with plastic, a cloth, or old sheets.

Professional cleaning with Cleaning Masters

A professional cleaning partner like Cleaning Masters assists you during this detailed cleaning. Our well-trained masters know exactly what to look out for to make your building(s) completely free of dust and other dirt after your renovation or remodelling works.

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