The impact of a facilities services provider on your employees

Engaging a facilities services provider like Multi Masters Group has one important goal for you: to be ‘unburdened’. You expect the facilities services provider to look after the facilities management of your buildings so that you can concentrate on your core business. But not only do you benefit, so do the users of your buildings.

Facilities services provider and the guest journey

Different people visit your buildings every day, from employees to (potential) customers. They experience the quality of service day after day and are best placed to judge it. Is the building clean, well maintained, is there a comfortable atmosphere, …? To map this out, we use ‘guest journeys’ at Multi Masters Group.

A guest journey includes various relevant touchpoints of a site or building with which a user or visitor of a building comes into contact. From the moment of arrival until departure. Think, for example, of the car park or reception, but also meeting rooms, the coffee machine, toilets and so on. So the best way to tackle the facilities management of a building is to put yourself in the user’s shoes.

Facilities services provider - Multi Masters Group

With a total facility partner, you can be sure that everything is streamlined. All touchpoints in the guest journey are monitored by one facilities services provider. This way, you not only increase efficiency and quality, but also increase user satisfaction.

A human connection

In order to ensure that people experience the most positive feeling possible in all areas during the guest journey, quality work is obviously required. But hospitality is also increasingly at the top of the priority list, also at Multi Masters Group. Hospitality has been on the list of the FM trends for the future for several years now. And in 2023 it will be no different. Thinking along with the customer, friendliness, politeness, … There has to be a good, human connection between the customer and the facilities staff. And hospitality is the common thread running through our MM-Academy, where we focus on tailor-made training and the personal growth of our masters.

Facilities services provider and the positive impact on your company

When you outsource the facilities management of your buildings, you want the burden to fall off your shoulders. You can let go and rely on your facilities services partner. But perhaps the biggest contribution we can make as a facilities provider is to have a positive impact on your business and its performance. Specifically, directly affecting the people working in your company thanks to our services. Thanks to good experiences, people feel better at work, have a more positive image of the company and communicate more positively about it.

Case: teleworking

People are more frequently working from home. Current technology is making it increasingly easy, and the corona pandemic has kicked it into sixth gear. Despite the fact that this comes with a lot of benefits, frequent working from home can also have long-term consequences on productivity within a working environment. A facilities services provider can play an important role in this by helping to create a comfortable working environment. A key principle here is to change the ‘I have to come to the office to work’ to ‘I want to come to the office to work’. Although a hybrid arrangement is most likely in the future).

To get the motivation to work in the office, ‘the why’ has to be answered. ‘Why do I want to work in the office?’ This way, employees actively get the mindset that working in the office is fun and enjoyable. But again: why? Well, a better maintained and cleaner building ensures that employees find their way back to the office more often. They see each other in person more often, which improves productivity and which in turn is positive for group dynamics, motivation and loyalty.

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