MM-Academy gives training within Multi Masters Group a big boost

With the recruitment of the new training coordinator Multi Masters Group is focusing on training and a strong HR policy. By expanding the MM-Academy, our employees can further develop their competences, which can only benefit the service for our customers.


Quality and legal requirements are becoming more and more complex and training is becoming more important. Customer and market requirements, technology, standards and legislation are also constantly changing. Multi Masters Group offers the right support with the courses of the MM-Academy. This way we invest in the future, we zoom in on relevant developments and we work proactively.

Multi Masters Group training

New (digital) skills are essential in a changing economy. By offering our employees sufficient learning opportunities, they can further develop their competences, broaden and deepen their knowledge and keep up with the latest developments. The personal growth of our employees strengthens their self-image and makes them versatile. Multi Masters Group invests in training, but also in the future!


Since early June, our employees of Mobility Masters at Brussels Airport follow short courses via the training app Mobietrain. This is a ‘special case’, because they do it on one of the three computers installed by Mobility Masters at the airport. Mobietrain works via an app on the smartphone, but because mobile phones are prohibited during work, the computers are a suitable solution.

Mobietrain makes it possible to work visually with images and videos. Knowledge is refreshed through short training sessions, for example on the correct use of PPE. This is followed by a final test. The aim of Mobietrain is to provide employees with continuous training, to constantly raise awareness of safety and to maintain knowledge.

The introduction of Mobietrain at Brussels Airport is a start. Mobility Masters will soon take the next step and will also offer Mobietrain to employees on other projects. In time, the monthly toolbox meetings will also be integrated into Mobietrain.

The sales department is also investing in digital sales training via Mobietrain. Sales coaching will start in September. At the same time, the app will also be implemented in other divisions of Multi Masters Group.

Continuous training

With Mobietrain Multi Masters Group focuses on innovation and digitalisation. An ideal way to keep up with the developments in the labour market. Via Mobietrain we offer complementary training with the aim of broadening, deepening and further developing competences. The ‘standard’ training courses, interaction with employees, demonstrating and practising things are still needed anyway.

We also provide this interaction through tailor-made ‘classroom’ training. By continuously training employees, we can continue to offer our customers the service we promise. The focus of the training is on the strategic needs, with a balance between collective, economic values and individual needs.

Multi Masters Group organises tailor-made training

Some examples:

  • Many of our masters work with heavy machinery or have jobs where they often have to lift loads. During the Ergonomics training attention is paid to physical load and keeping back, neck and other limbs healthy.
  • First aid is a must, employees follow a basic first aid course with guidelines for basic resuscitation.
Multi Masters Group invests in training (classic training and digital alternatives).
  • The course Analysis of minor accidents at work focuses on minor incidents on the work floor. What happened, how did it happen and what shall we do to prevent it in the future? Many small ones make a big one, and that is why small accidents also deserve the necessary attention.
  • The managerial staff has an important task in guiding and motivating employees on the shop floor. The Train the trainer course teaches them how managers can efficiently conduct a toolbox meeting, so that it has a direct impact on the personal safety and health of employees.

Hospitality is the common thread throughout the Multi Masters Group training programmes

Friendliness, politeness, thinking along with the customer, … Nowadays more and more attention is paid to hospitality. The customer not only expects quality cleaning, there also has to be a good, human connection with the cleaning staff. The common thread throughout our training courses is therefore hospitality. In this way the MM-Academy guarantees a sustainable cooperation with the focus on the values and mission of Multi Masters Group.

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